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02 February 2005, 09:32 AM
Hello CGtalk :) Below there's some v models I've recently animated. All animations have been made in 3dsmax 6/7. You'll notice I mainly posted reload animations, this is because they are far more interesting to do and to look at. There's not much to be said about e.g. a shoot anim or an idle anim.
I've made the Off Limits armrig myself, the ones for Day of Defeat and Counter Strike Source were made by Jeniffer!!. Right, let's get on with it:

Note: the sphere's you see in the pictures are a reference point. They represent the crosshair.

Counter Strike Source: Colt XM177E2 animation

Model: Darkstorn
UVmap: Dark Hunter
Texture: chimp_
Armrig/Physique: Jeniffer!!

XM177E reload anmation (

This is meant as a Counter Strike Source replacement. The missing textures will be fixed in the compile.

Day of Defeat: Tokarev SVT-40

Model: Darkstorn
UV maps: Darkstorn (it's already textured, I just didn't have them)
Arms: Day of defeat team
Armrig (+physique): Jeniffer!!

Tokarev SVT-40 reload (

This is meant as a day of defeat ( replacement.
Because people argued you couldn't see what was going on in the XM177E2 reload animation, I took that into account when I made this.

Off Limits: Red Devil

Model: Flixz
UVmap: Simon
Texture: Reason (there's a new texture for it already)
Armmodel, unwrap, texture: Simon
Armrig + physique: Jake (me)

Reload (
Smash (
Draw (
shoot (

I've made these for the Off-Limits ( modification for the Source engine. Because I didn't know about resetting the Xforms at the time the rig was croocked and I had to rebuild it. So we're not using these.

That's it for now, I hope the mods approve this, I haven't seen many of these.

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