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01 January 2005, 01:51 PM

I'm new to Maya and new to these forums. I want to model a vehicle, any one really, that's not to complicated. Ive been modeling cars for a few years in a program called Zmodeler, which is polygon by polygon based modeling. Now, when I came about using Maya, its totally different. I dont know where to start when modeling? I was thinking of using a plane like I had did in max when modeling a truck, but it didnt turn out really smooth... I tried using CV curves and using the birail tool, but I cannot get it to work. I would really appreciate some ideas as to how to get started on making a basic semi-detailed car. I'm going to be learning Maya and Photoshop in game design college in about 4-5 months, but I want to learn before I go there to have an edge on people. Im trying to learn PS to, but I dont really understand all those layers and whatnot either. But please help me however you can.

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02 February 2005, 01:42 PM
Well, I started using CV curves on modeling my Smart, and its working out ok so far, but now for some reason, probably because of newest ATI drivers installed, Maya always locks up after about 20 min and slows down for some odd reason. I might have to roll back my drivers to fix it. But, is alot of cv curves a good idea to model with, then convert to poly or is there a better way?


02 February 2005, 01:33 AM
I can't say much about Maya, but in PhotoShop (or any similar 2D app) layers are your friend. You can paint different things on different layers and adjust for effects and whatever. It's probably harder for me to explain than for you to figure out by experimenting. Also note that layers are quite handy for painting over templates when UV mapping.

02 February 2005, 08:32 AM
Layer's don't really help on how to get started on a 3d car!

I haven't modelled a car before, but I've seen some tutorials that take the approach of using CV Curves as guide layers. Not really to model the car with, but to use as a guide for when using polygons. If you're not proficient with NURBS (which is all that birail stuff), try using polygons and building it part by part. My suggestion is to look at the tutorial:
it's not free though :[

02 February 2005, 02:44 AM
Difficutly depends on what you use like NURBS or Poly...personally Poly is the way to go its alot easier and you can almost get the same quality as NURBS but not as quite. I think NURBS are time consuming, which isn't always bad but using the brial tool is a pain getting the cv's to match up and getting the surface to come out the way you want to. Im starting a New project...A Lamborgihini. You said you have experience with polys i would go with the polys over NURBS or try NURBS first. On there is great tutorial on modeling a Ford Focus just follow that by using a vehicle of choice and you should get really good results. Hope this helps

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