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01 January 2005, 02:41 AM
Hi all,
After browsing around this site for a period of time, i have decided that it is proberly the best reference place for everything i need for 3d modeling/animation etc. I am new to all this and wish to begin modeling a character, im thinking along the lines of a space marine, from the warhammer 40k game. After getting images and so forth, i came across a number of problems. My first problem is that i looked at other peoples work on this site...and it totaly knocked my socks off!!! You guys are brillant! And i hear you ask "Why is that a problem?" Well u see, i have now set a to high standard for myslef. But im goin to go for it anyway. My other problem is i dont know exactly how to go along with this. What type of modeling should i use. Everyone talks about box modeling, NURBS and so forth but which will produce good quality standards at a moderatly easy to grasp level. I would apreciate any help given

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