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01 January 2005, 04:18 AM
Hi there kind people off cg-talk and mysterious lurkers,

My real name is Guido, 22yrs old and from The Netherlands, busy with this little worldtrip for 2months now and around 8 to go, currently stationed in Bangkok ;) Oke cutting to the chase, you might have come across some crappy drawings from me over the past year or so, but on this worldtrip one of my hopes is to improve my drawing alot. I think I already came along nicely, but I still have a almost disencouraging amount to learn, but atleast it's better then when I left home, probably mostly cause I actually sketch now instead of lurking, gaming & reading webcomics, oh no wait, still doing that :)

Below are a few links to my recent favourite sketches. Allthough better I still have alot to learn, anatomy is coming along better but far from perfect, my main difficulties remain in the difficult perspective views, and the shortening of body parts that come along with it, as well as coming up with a nice composition. I like characters, so I start alot with a character but then feeling stuck when I have to come up with a background, although drawing reallife buildings has helped a bit, though a bit boring at times. I realize that practice is the main issue here, but still hope that you great artists out there can give some constructive advices to improve based on my sketches below. Sorry fow the long story, hope my site is not to slow, feel free to stare at the rest of the gallery. Toodles

01 January 2005, 09:13 AM
sorry, lil bump here, could really use some C&C :(, saw almost no one clicked on the links, they do work right? well check it out, all different styles I guess so dun judge on one, thanks~!

01 January 2005, 08:31 PM
My current belief is that if you want to learn how to draw really good, then don't draw imaginary things, or drawings without reference at first. I personally think I have improved my technique a lot by realizing that I'm not ready to draw from my head yet.
Just bought "anatomy a complete guide for artists" for anatomy references, and "dynamic figure drawing" to get the foreshortening right.

Keep up the good work!

01 January 2005, 09:52 PM
as you say yourself, its all about practice...

thats all there is to it :-)

when i saw the 3rd picture i thought it looked as if you drew the top part of her, then her skirt, then the legs, because it doesn't seem right, but if this is the case, then i would advice you to draw the basic shapes first and then add clothes (no offence if im wrong)

and seeing as you like to draw characters, it might help if you allso drew some who shows a certain expression, instead of all just plain normal faces.
i guess im not saying anything you don't alledy know..
So my greatest advice to you is to use the "insert image" function when you post your stuff, instead of putting direct links. it scares people away you know :p

01 January 2005, 11:53 AM
Tnx for your insights guys,

Danne_n: Your completely right when saying the learning starts with referenced based drawings, when I was younger I felt this was cheating, very sadly so, cause if I used references I probably was alot better now. I draw some more reallife now and actually allrdy bought a anatomy book for this trip, very usefull. I do however think, unlike some others, that fully referenced (non-real life) scenes should only be the start of ones career, not the end. I should use more reference now however, but my fantasy still needs it output mate ;)

Goliath: Yes your probably right on the segmented based girl drawing :( You reminded me that I realized before that I should first do the body outline, but allowed myself to forget I guess :( So thnx I will try to do that on a regulair basis now, wich I hadn't been doing. The fun with segmented drawing is however that sometimes you just start drawing and come with something fun on the way, or a nice endresult, but I guess I prove that you'll often end up with a distorted endresult. Oh yes, working on the facial expressions, thougher then one would expect :(

Insert figure is a good tip, but on worldtrip now so sometimes just have to do, know some nice free ftp space? Well thnx a bunch guys, wow... this actually was usefull besides showing off my art :D Yes half I knew, but to criticly just and adjust one self is not easy :)

01 January 2005, 09:23 AM
The easiest way to draw facial expressions from what ive leared is to start out with simple form like anything else. Just draw a smiley face or the equivelent expression then look in the Mirror and make that expression. Take note of where exactally the face wrinkles and draw lines accordingly. Mirrors are a great tool.

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