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01 January 2005, 09:29 PM
Hello everyone! (not sure if this is the right place to post) I'm pretty new to these forums but am already with a project and am looking for some help. First of all, my team is looking for someone who can do storyboards. This person must have some patience and if you can draw concept sketches all the better.

This second part everyone can participate in. No skills required except being able to type
The main character (tera) is in her base when the power is turned off by mercernaries (mercs from now on). Your task is to write a short "gag" about her encounter with one or more of these mercs, what happens, and how she beats them. The base is an abandoned robotics labaratory, it has catwalks and long halways and anything else you can think of in it. Our main character is also a robotics engineer so she has robots at her disposable in various places. Leave it open. Ask for suggestions. Whatever. I'll be posting some of my stuff and asking your opinion. Also, if you dont want to do a fight scene you can tell us how you think se turns the power back on. Heres a "gag" of mine, tell me what ya think:
> > >Tera is walking and comes
> > >in contact with a merc. After some shooting (not hits) they somehow
> > >agree or it comes to them fighting hand to hand. The merc is clearly
> > >stronger and faster and basically beats Tera down for a few mins. She
> > >is laying on the floor and gasping for air when the merc picks her up.
> > >He is about to choke her and she starts laughing. The merc looks
> > >puzzeled and asks her why she is laughing. She says something like
> > >"Dont you see, your in a robotics lab... MY robotics lab). You hear a
> > >few beeps and see a portion of the wall (*there probably in a hall)
> > >fold out and a 7 or 8 foot tall robot walk or roll out (depending on
> > >if its on wheels or legs). We get close to the merc face as he turns
> > >around. He immediately drops Tera and the robot then grabs him and
> > >holds him up ready to strangle him. Tera yells stop or wait or
> > >something and then ponders. She could either then kill him or do
> > >something gruesome like brake some of his bones and leave him for the
> > >others to find.

One more important thing. HAVE FUN!

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