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Paul Moran
01 January 2005, 11:46 AM
Hey All,

Just ran into a bit of a problemo with my rig that i am following Paul Thuriots super cool DVD with...

For a reverse setup on the foot for example, where should i be laying the IK handles ? on the JCons ? ... I have tried all different ways either resulting in an error that i am attempting to connect IK to 2 different chains (because of the broken hirarchy) or an error that I am attempting to apply IK to more than 2 points...eventually i have applied them to the JA joint and the JEnd joint and now i get very weird and unexpected IK solving ...

Im sure its something retarded that i have overlooked, but its getting late and my brain is hurting (im sure uve all been there a million times ;) )

Thanks again for your time!!


01 January 2005, 08:00 PM
for ikHandles on the legs (with a reverse foot setup)...are you applying a switch so that you can have reverse and "normal" feet? or just sticking with reverse for everything?

for reverse:

the ikHandle is still the same: from legJA to legJEnd. the ikHandle should be pointConstrained to the end of the reverse foot (the ankle.

for a switch:

still use just that same ONE ikHandle...just animate/ setDriven what the ikHandle is constraint to (for reverse...see above, for forward the ikHandle should follow some kind of box or some GUI thing/ locator).

make sense?

let me know.


Paul Moran
01 January 2005, 02:26 AM
hey paul,

thanks for the speedy reply :) doing as you said and applying the IK to JA and JEnd ... (btw there an easy way to decipher which one is which when selecting with the IK the moment, im selecting the relevant joint in the outliner and 'hiding unselected' ...bit of a pain)

The IK goes on fine ... no for the point constrain to the ankle... Am i right in assuming that the ankle is the footJCon ? ...cause when i point constrain to it and translate the ikhandle i get weird movement where the foot goes forward, and the lef goes backward ...

Also, for the switch ... is it necessary to have switching for all 3 IK handles (leg, foot, toe(s)), or just the pelvis to ankle handle ? (leg) ... assuming just the pelvis to ankle handle, for the new FK constraint target, where would it have to be located ... like where would i be constraining to in space?

Sorry for the Q's ... and thanks a bunch for your time!! (hope my questions make sense lol)


01 January 2005, 07:05 AM
use the outliner/ hypergraph for the's easiest...sounds like you got that one already. ;p

for the foot....

are you talking the reverse foot? that joint hierarchy should be footBase: toe > ball > ankle (the jEnd). the ikHandle should be pointConstrained to the jEnd...the ankle joint of the foot. the foot hierarchy itself is NOT connected to the leg in anyway...the ik does that for you.

for the forward ik...the ikHandle should be pointCon'ed to some locator, etc...and the foot hier should be: jCon/ankle > ball > toe. the jCon should be pointCon'ed to the legJEnd....

does that make sense?

figure out individually first before you try and figure out a "switch between" the two types. make sure that you understand the parts first.

let me know.

Paul Moran
01 January 2005, 04:55 AM
got it :bounce:

All good now ...thanks a lot!!!

BTW ...what r u working on at EA ? ...if u can say that is

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