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01 January 2005, 11:13 AM
I'm not sure if this does or doesn't belong here...

Basically I started with the first image, cleaned it making the second image. In the third
image I cleaned it even more & removed vehicles, signs, and more... I set up a cool fade
effect where you can see the image fade from one to the next so you can see the

Fade Effect (56k-ers will have to wait a minute or two as the images load)

Pic1 - Original
Pic2 - Edit 1
Pic3 - Edit 2

Now what I'm going to do with this image is create a panorama (from a single image). Not
too fun? I enjoy this stuff. The basic way I'm going to do this is have the image somewhat
mirrored (this will be used for a 3D project). I guess the best way to describe it is with a
The image on the very right will remain completely unchanged & when I'm done it will be
cropped off. Basically I need to fill in a little over 50% of this image. So I get to have all the
fun & the rest of you get to watch ;) Time for me to get to work!

01 January 2005, 12:17 PM
This is taking less time than expected. I'm about 45% done. On the half that's basically
finished, I need to do a little bit of touch up work near the road & a tiny bit in the clouds.
The last part will be a little more difficult though.

And a detail shot...

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