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01 January 2005, 08:48 AM
This was a group project that was done for a class last semester at my university. I was in charge of the storyline, directing, character and set design, voice work, lighting, rendering, and editing. It was a group of 4, and the 3 other members were in charge of animation, modeling, and rigging. This was a big learning process for all of us, because it was our first time really working on a project with other people (instead of working on a project alone), and some people had different skill levels than the others.

It's called "Mouse on a Mission," and it's about this little mouse who wants to become cool and get all the hotties, so he sets out on finding this stuff called "Lookin' Good Liquor."

In terms of a critique, the things I would like for you to look at are the general storyline and my work as a director, such as the way the shots are composed and the timing of certain story elements and such. Even the dialogue. I've heard it can be stronger if there was no dialogue at all. Please let me know what you think if it. Like it, don't like it, what you did/didn't like, what could have been better, confusing parts, etc. Whatever you say will be good, I just want FEEDBACK! Hope everyone enjoys it, THANKS!

However, please don't criticise the animation, modeling/texturing, or the rigging, since those were done by other members of my group, and I can't take credit for that. The animation was tough for my animator because it was his first time animating anything. This was done entirely in Maya.

Quicktime High 20.5 mb:

Quicktime Medium 8.8 mb:

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!

please note: people have had trouble getting the movie to load on my site (it partially loads then stops), and i don't know what the problem could be. sometimes they have to refresh the page the keep it loading. if you are having trouble, please let me know on here. thanks.

IF you are having trouble, right click on these links and choose save target as:

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