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01 January 2005, 11:56 PM

I Have rigged and skinned my character and animated it. However I would like to change the the model a bit, nothing extreme just a few extrudes and poly tweaking here and there.

I don't think detatching the skin, saving the weights and then re-attaching it later will be a problem.

The trouble is there are a lot of clusters on the character's face and also some facial blendshapes just on the head area.

So is it basically impossible to make these changes?


01 January 2005, 12:02 AM
I've used blendshapes that are permanently on before to tweak geometry, however adding more points makes things a bit more awkward, if you have any existing blendshapes then i think these will break.

01 January 2005, 11:00 PM
hehe anything that changes the vertex order after rigging is extreme, and an extrude qualifies :)

as mattB suggested is a permanent blendshape fix is a possibility but that depends on where the blends are in the joint chains and how they were rigged, ie. in series or parallel.

is there no way you can get the shape you want using deformers on the specific areas...?

01 January 2005, 04:06 AM
Actually, any point tweaking to the mesh can be done after smooth bind is applied. That is what that tweak node is for before the smooth bind in the history. Any vertex tweaks you do will be put in that tweak node so you don't have to rebind. But any topological changes will mess up your bind and would have to be rebind. There are some cluster weight import/export tool out there so you can try that so you don't have to resetup them again...

01 January 2005, 12:40 PM
Thanks for the replies.

THeres not really enough polygons in the area that I want to change, to use deformers or to tweak the mesh, even if I smooth it.

I just wanted to change the wing of the cartoon bird I'm animating, so that the wing tips show some stylised feathers. in the end though I've tried giving the impression of feathers by making some areas of the mesh invisible using a transparency map which doesn't look too bad.


01 January 2005, 01:13 PM
I use a mel script called fixWeight which deletes the history but keeps the skin cluster, it's been a godsend on so many characters! I think you can still find it on somewhere, but if you have no luck I can email it to you if you like (6KB).


01 January 2005, 05:58 PM
Thanks, I think Maya 6 has that function though. "Delete non skin history". Under the Edit smooth skin menu.

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