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members only hunter
01 January 2005, 07:31 AM
hey gang-

i have this idea. how about a colabritive movie that many people can contribute to. with all of us or just a few of distribting the work all around- each with our own expertise and likes i think we can put together a great movie. this is the experiment/pitch.

a super hero movie.

a gritty super hero movie with all that that requires.

i was thinking tarintino meets super friends done in 3d animation.

to keep it real though lets make all of the back grounds real. as in lets go out and video locations and enviroments and incorperate 3d graphics into them. this is kinda what sky captain did except backwards- instead of the sets being fake and the actors real, have the actors fake and the sets be real.

if this sounds like an appealing idea let me know.

as i see it what we need is-in this order
1. a script
2. voice actors
3. video
4. hardware
5. software
6. visual artist/techs
7. musicians

1. the script-i have started to think about the script and i could use as much help on it as possible. i have a basic outline of the characters and of the action but i need character names and specific atributes and conceptual drawings of each. dialogue needs to be witty and probly punched up a bit. for the main characters i was thinking-
a: superman type character
b: batman type character
c: wonderwoman type character
d: robin type character
e: info geek
f: gear geek
g: training guru
h: villian
i: villans henchman
j: villians mindless minions

as for other aspects of the script such as setting-metropolis/gotham/new york we need this too.

2. voice actors- i think that once the script is finished then we can have various people doing the different speaking parts and put together a voice play.

3. video- story board from the voice play and then have people go out and take video of the required enviroment.

4. hardware- transfer the video via internet to one central location weeding out the usable as we go along using the hardware that people already have.

5. software- use the experts and the software that is available. i would like to emphasise that we use non pirated software and free software when ever possible. comfort is priority- use what the artist wants.

6. artist/tech- recruit the following specialist artist
a: 3d character modeler
b: 3d enviromental modeler
c: texturer
d: 3d animator
e: lipsinc specialist
f: crowd animator
g: compositor

7. musicians- to add the score.

this is as far as i have thought about it.

it seems like alot of information and alot of stuff to do but i think that if we keep a lot of creative thinkers involved we can make this a fun project.

for right now lets tackle somthing easy- what is the name of our city?
batman prtected gotham, superman watched over metropolis, what do our band of superheros protect?

start you engines.

01 January 2005, 09:20 AM
would i be able to contribute a couple of weapons?
i am working on a few atm. i can pm u some pics late next week around the 20th and you can tell me if u want to use them or not. id love to help out but i just dont have the time to take on alot of work.

Im also going texture hunting in a weeks time or so. Most likely lots of metal and industrial textures.
So i can contribute these to the artists that will be working on the project.

Perhaps if the project gets the go ahead someone should create its own forums with different sections for the different aspects of the project.

Thing is, im dedicating this year to making a folio so any group thing i can get in on will be pure gold.

PM me if ur interested. :deal:

01 January 2005, 07:23 PM
If the project takes off, I'd love to do music. :) Of course you won't need this for quite a while, but I will keep a close eye on this thread and see how things are progressing.


01 January 2005, 02:00 AM
I would really like to be a part of this. I can direct, write script, do voice overs... Been involved in theater, took voice over training, and almost have an associate of arts degree in animation as well as some training in video. I was actually looking at starting up my own business in this. This would be a great place to start.

01 January 2005, 04:19 PM
Here is a little program you may find useful for names...
Wish I could be a bigger part of this but my time is extremely tight.


01 January 2005, 03:39 AM
Few words of advice:

-You need a producer to do this.
-Keep it as simple as possible.

members only hunter
01 January 2005, 04:00 AM
i really didn't know what to expect when i started this thread but i like how it is begining to take shape. i hape there are a bunch of people out there that want to contribute but are waitint to find out if it reall takes off.

i have thought a few city names myself:
emerald city(kinda that wizard of oz feel)
city 11011011(binary geek world)
new clevland(what the hell, if it can be a prison)

i would like to see a bunch more before decidideing so lets get creative.

one story element that i have nailed down is the begining. it really starts at the middle, then goes back to the begining where it plays until where the middle started and jumps to the ending portion. this is the tarintino aspect of the story.

the movie opens at a police station inside a jail cell or an interogation room there are 2 men in spandex thare obviously our heros on one end of the table and on the other end is a rything mennacing lunatic that is chained to the ground. durring the interogation the 2 heros are bad mouthing and all around abusing the lunatic. but the lunatic can take it. he straining and streching to try and get out of the chains. there are police in uniforms and out that are watching as the 2 do their darnedest to make the lunatic crack. some are watching the action in the room while others are gathered around a video monitor looking at what is obviously a security tape. on that tape is explosive. there is no explanation but in the middle of a bunch of cubicles an explosion happens and out of that ther is chaos. back at the interrogation the lunatic says somthing that one of the heros latches on to there is a moment of clarity and the 2 heros walk out. they run out of the building and into an awaiting car.

this is a synopsis of the first part of the movie. it is by no streach of the animation complete and i have to find alot of dialogue but as an out line here it is. the second part is about how 2 heros got there and what was actually on the security tape. the final part i have yet to formulate but will ultimately tie everything together and play itself out.

i am still grapling with wether i want sorta a stock villian or do i want somthing a little more ambigius. i was thinking about it today- what if the villian really wasn't a villian but a hero that thought that his time had come. and that he thought that to be the hero to the city that he must get rid of the heros that it already had. this does sound a little like theincredable so i might use it highlt modified or not at all. let me know what you might think. what is the origin of our bad guy?

so anyways what i just wrote gives you an idea about where i was going with this idea. it also gives me an idea of some other things to ask for. take some pictures of what you think is a cool looking police station, interrogation room, and cubicle city and lets see if we could use any of it. they dont have to be high res they just have to so that you can come back again and take some video.

well, i am taking all kinds of contributions and suggestions. if you have any concepts or ideas that you think you would like to see done post here and lets see what we can do.


01 January 2005, 11:18 PM
hmm, interesting.

i could try to help with ideas and maybe dialogue. i like doing dialogue. thats cause i like talking, but no-one really talks back, so i im kinda forced to talk to myself, and so i get a lot of practise.

hmm, a city name. i have no idea. the city of creeks and crevices, place of unfounding truths and lots of silly puns, unnamed, for the name it would mean it is named, and something that is named is owned, and the people of our city does not want to be owned, they want to rule the world, and make icecream free. and, they dont want anyone to know where to send the tax bills to.

hmm, lets see, whats going on here in the back of my mind. all sorts of stuff, i just have to get them aligned.

the bad villain people. do u want them to be the same race. i guess so. however, this villain thinks he is an alien. yup. and being an alien means you can do all sort of cool stuff like abduct people and and make funny noises. he wants to do what everyday normal alien would want to do, plant little microscopic thingies in the people's minds, which will make them his loyal subjects, or sheep. sheep u ask? well, our man_thinking_he_is_an_alien has a problem. he is planning an expedition to the northpole, cause he saw this x-files movie where some kinda space ship were seen there last, and now he wants to make contact with his own contact. but north pole is cold, so sheep would mean warm wool. you see.

hmm, maybe i should actually stop to thnk what im typing here.

his henchman is a chicken and a very large fat woman, who has many powers.

its all still just floating out of my head, but i dont like to keep stuff in, so read between the lines. and hopefully u could find something useful.

ure story, is it a comedy? i hope so.

01 January 2005, 03:26 AM
This is good. These forums are just the beginning of a much bigger plan for the future. I cant offer any details now... but this is THE place to be collaborating.


members only hunter
01 January 2005, 04:38 AM
this is exactly what i was looking for. a free flow of ideas with an ultimate purpose. that whole monologue about our city is pure genius- i hope that it is original. i would love to use it in the script. i see the city as a character too and influential to the people around it.

a name, a name, must have a name. from there we can find the city's true identy.

i like the whole xfile thingy, im not sure if i can incorperate it but would rather have it all be human vs. human unless one of the heros is and alien ala superman. that would make for a interesting debate. i am giving all of our characters flaws and thus motivation. im deffintely making one an alcoholic or drug addict and another dealing with the loss of a loved one(either a signifigant other or child). im going to make one of the geek doods and the wonder woman chick be a couple the other geek dood maybe gay and in love with the other 2 heros. anyways i'll have to write that all in.

in my synopsis i mentioned a lunatic this is ultimately going to be one of the mind controled minions- i don't know where you thought this up but you were right on the money on that one. i don't know by what manner the mind is being controled but i am thinking about using a mad doctor(some one who is an everyday hero) who comes into a hospital after someone is dead and brings them back to life only to have them do their bidding. finda like zombie but controlable. from there i really like the idea of a fat woman being either that lunatic or another of the lunatic minions. what do you guys think about that?

i don't think this is a comedy per se but i would like to have a bit of black sarcasm and ironic shenanigans.

i have just today sat down and started to write out a script. do you think that i should write a dialogue script or should i write a shooting script? would it be easier to think about it if you knew what the camera was doing or should i leave that up to later in the process as in letting the people who are shooting it make that decission?

i think that i will keep it simple- it has been my experience to see that the more complex the more there is a temptation to slack off. also i would like to get this done eventually. i don't know where i heard it some one once told me that you have time, money, and quality- pick 2. meaning you can have 2 out of the 3 and since money is somewhat out of the equation then it is going to take time to have any bit of quality.

currently i think that i am the producer and currently the writer and the director. but i would gladly give up the buton of writer and director. due to the form of letting people contribute to the filming and sending in their bit i would ultimately not direct but have a list of directors. likewise with the writing but this stems from my poor abilities at script writing. anyways im not sure what a producer does but i think i can be the scheudller guy with a vision.

mark- i'm not sure what your post means. i deffinately think this is THE place but there are others too as in the collabritive projects fourm. i don't know if you want me to move or stay here? i would like to stay here until at least i got a script. anyways- its up to you and the other mods to let me know.

i know that some of you would like to contributebut are working on portfolios or other projects. i am too. i think that somthing like this would make a very good portfolio piece. even if you worked on somthing from before and think that it would work in our little world please let me know. at this point it would be easy to write in characters and such so that you have somthing in there. i would also like to encourage any games modelers- especially character modelers and animators to participate. they are the ones that i would like to see grappling with the croud simulation stuff.

lets keep those ideas comming. i still would like to have some more ideas for city names. and i would like to see some images of your city- especially your police station. i know some of you guys and gals are a bit more intimate with them than you should be.


01 January 2005, 05:43 AM
mark- i'm not sure what your post means. i deffinately think this is THE place but there are others too as in the collabritive projects fourm. i don't know if you want me to move or stay here? i would like to stay here until at least i got a script. anyways- its up to you and the other mods to let me know.

Uh -- sory if I am confusing you by being too cryptic. I meant these CG Film Making forums in general. They are just the start -- and also the place to be seen by producers and directors ;)

01 January 2005, 07:49 PM
Does it have to be an actual existing name or something just pulled out from our heads? eg. Minegar (police station can be called Minegar Central).

01 January 2005, 09:00 PM
if ure talking about my monolque, then don't worry, it is original. just started typing the 1st thing that came into my mind.

i ill think some more. but gotta go now.

01 January 2005, 10:55 PM
currently i think that i am the producer and currently the writer and the director. but i would gladly give up the buton of writer and director. due to the form of letting people contribute to the filming and sending in their bit i would ultimately not direct but have a list of directors.

I would like to be a director in this project. I am currently directing a short film called "Fatal Breed" (in early stages) and about to go and shoot a short film for a competition this year. I really like the idea of the gritty superhero theme. Let me know. :)

have just today sat down and started to write out a script. do you think that i should write a dialogue script or should i write a shooting script? would it be easier to think about it if you knew what the camera was doing or should i leave that up to later in the process as in letting the people who are shooting it make that decission?

Generally you leave that up to the director/dp/whoever, as they might have their own ideas about how to move the camera and such. Decide on the idea, and then just start writing it as a screenplay. I could help you with this if required, I am currently working on a screenplay for another animation here at Cgtalk.

I like the idea of mixing real live scenes with the CG. But who would do this work? What kind of cameras would you want to use? I've been involved with quite a few CG projects that have not made it past 3-4 months of development. And if they have, not much work has been done. What you really need is a way to keep people interested. I've done music for about 6 game projects last year. Barely any of them actually made some decent progression last year. Then I got involved with a project at BBiGames.( They are making progress faster than any other project I've been involved in. Big updates are posted daily. It's all because the developers are passionate about that they are doing.
How long do you want the film to be and how long do you want to spend making it?

I will tell you I am a very passionate person about film. I am no professional (maybe one day!), I am merely a student who loves filmmaking. I think what needs to be done for this project to survive is this:

Find out who's REALLY interested and who's not. Make a list of the crew and their position in the project. List their email addresses and get them to contact each other. This way everyone knows who they are working with.

You'll need more than a single thread to keep this alive. How about asking about setting up a small section in the screenplay forum (sub forum). That way the members can post topics relating to different areas of the project. Write a proper screenplay, and post it here, and get peoples advice. Get a website. I'll happily host it, and purchase a domain if needed. Flash looking websites keep the crew happy, and look pleasing to a visitor.
Make some mockup animations with everyone involved, and make a poster. Send this around filmmaking forums and see if you can get some help with the live camera footage. I know you could find someone with a prosumer camera who would be willing to help.

Sorry for barging in, it's just my advice. I have worked on over 10 game or film productions over the last year, many have failed because of lack of organization, interest dying away, whatever. I feel I could be a great help to your project, and I would love to come on board!


01 January 2005, 02:53 AM
Sorry for barging in, it's just my advice. I have worked on over 10 game or film productions over the last year, many have failed because of lack of organization, interest dying away, whatever. I feel I could be a great help to your project, and I would love to come on board!

:lol ahem... sorry but ah... do you want to rephrase that. It doesn't sound like a good recommendation of yourself.


I have directed stage plays and all of them have been successful. Haven't as of yet directed film. I will. In fact I'd like to direct this one. There is something else to consider here though:
location location location. You're going to probably want a director that is close to where you are or close to the area that you want filmed in and you can be at. If the script is very specific then it might not be an issue if you're there or not.

I don't recall you're answering my previous question as to name of the town. fictional or real? With a fictional one I imagine you will have more flexibility. With a real one, you're going to have to get some scenes that are as close to the original place as you can get. Remember... some from that area could be watching.

members only hunter
01 January 2005, 04:49 AM
i didn't mean to tick anyone off but i have beenaway from the computer for a while. to address some of what you guys are talking about:

i live in the great state of texas, ft worth texas to be exact and that will afford me a bit becaus i'm in a bit of a metropolitian city and close to others. i want colaberation from as many parts of the globe as possible so the name of the city is fictious- think gotham or metropolis. this is a way to keep people interested. i want to go with a more personal feel. do you have a digital camera? doesn't have to be professional- i have been thinking about how to make it all look the same regurading colors and stuff but that is still in the planning stages. his is a bit of an experiment- let me repeat this is a bit of an experiment. ultimately what i would like to see is an end produst that alot of people put time into and are proud of their work.

this is not a short term thing. time is what it is going to take- i have been parts of other projects before and have been one of those people that lost interest. to cure that i think that i need to stay motivated and the same could be said for the people around me. i do think that this is a good forum for that and is why i keep comming back.

i may have misspoke in an earlier post- sometimes i get confused between cinematographer and director. here i would like some one to interpert either the script or storyboard and go out and shoot it the way they think it should be. if the script says the hero and the villian fight to the death atop a skyscrapper i want 3 or 4 cinematographers to go out and shoot it the way that they think it should go- without the characters of course- and we or i can pick the best out of the bunch. the characters can be inserted later. this gets to be tricky only when there is dialogue or characters talking but i am thinking of ways to get around that. timming is a key issue then- if we need 2 characters talking then we need them to talk first. meaning we need the audio of the converstion before we make any decission about camera stuff. before we can get the audio we will need a script and that is what i am working on now. hopefully with some help.

this is also why i need the name of the city. we could even expand that and help start to name the main characters namely the superheros and villians. as of now they arre just superhero a and superhero b. so we need names for the city and now the characters. except for 1. the wonderwoman character is going to be named myst. and her alias is mysty mourning. i like the fact that she can disappear into the mist.

i would like to attack this from the other end too while the whole thing is being written- how about some consept work. i think it is a great idea to start a website and stuff but i don't think we can do that until we have a name for our movie. then we can get a domain name and the such. a poster would be cool too but then we need a name and character renderings. hopefully i will be able to pull in some help with the concepts but i will post some few things that i have found. this is a place that i would like to be personally involved to. i am an aspiring character modeler and would like to tackle some of these too. we could make a poster like the current batman poster with just the logo on it, but we will have to make a logo first.

i can start an email list- anyone inerested in getting on the list email me. a little background and such can be helpful. do you live in a major metro city? do you have a digital camera? video camera? do you have any audio skills? make music? have a good voice?do you have any cg skills(this is cgtalk after all)? can you contribute-no matter how small? all of this should be inserted into the mail.

my address is:

lets keep the majority of the discussions on here too so that there is a bit of inviting going on. no exclusionary tackics here. maybe in the end we can all meet up face to face and have a big party.

i'm going to post in a few other forums too now. mainly the concepts forum and see if there are any takers ofer there too.


members only hunter
01 January 2005, 05:28 AM
oh and keep those internal dialogues comming. more stuff that i can use.


01 January 2005, 08:20 PM
Exuse me? The projects didn't fail because of me. I DID ALL the work required, and then the project leader called it quits or just left. MY projects have all been running smoothly. (As in the ones I organize and direct). And right now I have been helping out with some other CGtalk animations that have also been going well.


01 January 2005, 10:31 PM
I don't know that I can contribute much... I'm still a high school student and mostly do character drawings. I do have a question though. You are talking about doing "superheros." Are you looking for comic book style characters with extremely exagerated bodies or are you going for a more real world look? Also you said you wanted a very gritty dirty look to everything. After you shoot real locations do you plan on modifying them to look more dark and gritty? I was a big fan of "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and it looks like you have a great idea going here. Good luck to you all.

- idea for superhero (or maybe a villain for that matter): an intellectual character with the ability of constant premonition. He sees both what's happening at the preasant and a half minute in the future. The lack of superstrength would be overpowered by his ability to counter nearly any situation. I dunno just an idea. It could make for some really interesting views from his perspective.
Name? - Pre Coniger (precognation) Alias? - Pre
As a villain he would be able to dodge and counter any attack on him and use technology to reap destruction.

01 January 2005, 10:47 PM
idd like to be on that mailing list, but ive just lost my email address due to passwords not working anymore, and my hotmail acocunt wont let me in? so, ill email u once i do get my email account active again. i dont know if idd be of much help, but u said even small contributions.

01 January 2005, 06:28 PM
Chris: I'm not saying the projects failed because of you. I'm saying what you wrote makes it sound like you were a contributing factor. Would have possibly been better to say "Been involved in 10 film projects. Discovered that organization is what makes a film successful." That's all. It was meant to be constructive criticism.

01 January 2005, 07:14 PM
This looks like somethin good. Id like to be involved if it start to happen, drop me an e mail. Modeling and or voice acting, etc.

members only hunter
01 January 2005, 08:29 AM
thanks for all of the replies-
i am putting together images of people and places that i would like to use, but i have run into a little bit of a problem. i like concept images that i find all over the net but most of them are chicks- i dig chicks- so as a result im pretty confident at what i think the female charaacers should look like. i have only a vauge idea what the dudes are suposed to look like. so hereis your chance to contribute- if you find yourself paging through your hard drive and come accross a concept image that would be cool send it to me through the email. if you are so inclined to make your own, that would be super cool, send it to me too.

i am in the process of contacting several of you to make specific contributions too, but keep an eye on this space for more details.


Creative Speed
02 February 2005, 08:22 PM
Hey there,
Im willing to put alot into this project (as I can see it going somewhere). If so, put me down as the webdesigner, dvd (if it gets anygood) interface designer and a Voice actor (I can speak in three lanuages and I can also put accients on real good :), can't wait to see this project put into shape).

E-mail or even better add to msn:

Thanks for your time!

02 February 2005, 10:30 PM
I am willing to helo in any way possible, I was always a fan of the dark knight, and well I have many one off charecters, same bad mood, same hate for evil, But never the same morals, mine tend to be a bit more vigilante than most. They have flowing looks, easy to create, their strength is in enviromental effect, lighting and such. I like clean looks and try to keep it simple. I know that the trend is really techie, but well... I am old. 29, lol so my comic history was alwayd easy an simple. I love the graphic novel style of late.
I am a competent editor, and story border/ writer. I can come up with alot of stories on teh fly, my skill at ending it is weak as I always was an episodic writer, this adventure ties into the next sort of thing,


I would do voice acting as well. I can do a few voices but I feel they always sound very similar.

02 February 2005, 10:56 PM
reading you guy I would think to call him Malestrom, ot Timeslip, you could steal "precog" from that tom cruise film (the name fails me right now) Doc, after the Dr from back to the future, as well him being smart and all, would give a comedic slant to it.

members only hunter
02 February 2005, 03:31 AM
be careful out there.

before i start to rant- let me say thanks to everyone who has voulenteered and is willing to work on this little project.

know your rights. i had a little time on my hands the other day and thought that i would go out and take some video of the city that i live in. i went to downtown ft. worth, which if you have never been there is really great. i wasn't there 5 mins before a security guard comes along and starts to harrass me. and eventually his supervisor comes riding up on one of those dorky segways and chimes his .02$ worth. this is a virtual crock. and i let him know that i know what my rights are. and as long as i am on public property i'm not doning anything wrong. he was getting peeved at me taking video of the buildings but still i was well within my rights. anyways- know your rights and let them know that you know your rights. in america most sidewalks are public property-thats a no brainer- and tourist attractions are prety much fair game.

anyways- i am still putting together a packet and am going to start asking people to start with the artwork- so stay alert.


02 February 2005, 11:09 PM
im staying alert.

02 February 2005, 10:07 PM
A few things to be considered before this cool project is "GREEN-LIT"...

You got to have a production plan for a project of this magnitude.. By this i mean the producer has to consider the following points :

- Delivery Date

- Schedule

- Format, Length and Technique

- Complexity Analysis

- Crew Plan

- The Role of Key Personnel

- The Level of Talent

- Creative Checkpoints

- Reference & Research materials

- Archival Elements

- Contingency

Also, it is very necessary that a CORE TEAM be formed...

- Producer

- Executive Producer

- Co-Producer / Line Producer

- Associate Producer

- Writer(s)

- Director(s) : Supervising Director, Sequence (Animation) Director, 1st & 2nd unit Directors

- Visual Development Artists : Storyboard Artists etc..

- Technology Department : Technical Directors , System Administrators, Information Systems, R&D

Since this is an online project there must be 2 types of pipelines that are clearly defined..

- Production Pipeline

- Communication Pipeline

I shall expand on how to setup the the communication pipeline in my next post ..


PS : I would love to co-produce or be an executive producer if I have the permission from "Member Only Hunter" -the Producer

02 February 2005, 05:19 PM
I know of someone who is a professional photographer. He quite frequently gets stopped by the cops because someone called in to say someone was taking pictures of trains. People have gotten downright silly. Yes... know you're rights.

02 February 2005, 11:11 PM
Hey this is reading week for me, I will be taking out my Camera and snappiung a bunch of pic's, I will be all around Industrial stuff, train yard and if I get time I will go to the water front.

If you like I will post links and crap to the pics

members only hunter
02 February 2005, 04:56 AM
yes, please do.

post many and often.

hey the_kid thanks for the interest. i'm not sure what all of those people would be for but i take it you are comming from the traditional holywood background. well this isn't holywierd and i perfer gonzo. i'm not trying to sound callous but that mentality has gotten traditional moviemaking to the bloated stage that it is at now.

as i see it a movie- any movie- needs 3 things: story, vision, and actors. in our little experiment here we are still at the story stage and i have the vision, next we will need the actors. that is a multiteered endevour because of the cgi and the way we are shooting it. that means we need voices, character modelers, character animators, people willing to take pictures and or video, special effects animators, musicians, and editors. i see this as a leaning possibity too. are you an artist that really wants to learn 3d? a 3d artist that wants to become a character artist? an animator that wants to be an editor? the list could go on.

here is what i have- i and a few other people are working on the script- currently the general outline is done and it is being worked. the outline is 10 pages long and getting longer. with the dialogue i espect it to be a respectable 120pages. the outline though could probably be spread out into 300 pages but that is far too long. so when we get going i'm going to see what works and what doesn't and whittle it down- i think it is better to have too much then not enough. i have one writer working on a pivitol part of the dialogue and hope she is willing to work on some more but i have other possibilities. there are others that have voulunteered to work on the music and the voices and i promise to revisit that when the script is done. i have a lot of ideas and so do others and i want to incorperate them all.

as to a time table- i haven't one right now but have always liked the addage it'll be finished when its finished. another saying goes that you have money, time and quality- now pick 2 of them. we want to save money and have somthing of acceptable quality so it is going to take some time. it isn't a sprint but a long distance race.

anyways- i consider this project green lit.

and you can call me chris

02 February 2005, 06:47 AM
I am getting excited, I have a script that I am working on for another project. It is a Horror, set to shoot in spring, it will be less than 30 min ( I hope) i was looking at 15 min, but I am getting carried away, lol. I hope to gain a little more logistical insight to apply to what I am going to do. I am thinking of some CG in it, but very little. From this project I would probably wish to solicite some musical talent to help out with the scary violin and the blood thumping beats.


02 February 2005, 05:17 PM
I think this is a great idea first of all. I think that doing a superhero vs. badguy situation with some twists is great. I think that before you can play with time effectively like Tarentino does you need to have a good understanding about how the story evolves. As I have read through this thread I have not seen enough in the ways of story development...and STORY IS KING!!!

ex. Matrix 3...great visuals but bad story = easily forgetable movie.

I think you should have a virtual sit down and really grit some ideas out. Maybe have the heros be normal people (spandex is a bad move ex. X-Men comic to movie modifications).
I like the dark and gritty aspect of the final cuts, but all of that can (and should) be done in post. I think that you should button down the story first before you worry about naming things....that is so cliche'.


Who are the superheroes? Where do they come from?

How are they banded together?

What is their common purpose?

Do they operate in secret or are they very public?

Are there different attitudes that each of them carry from past personal experiences which have "forced" them into this position?

What is it that they want both as a group and individually? ( do they really want to do this forever?)

What does each of them hold precious? (Good way to move the plot in several directions like Hitchcock used to do, this also prevents obvious plot lines which can really bore and audience).

DO they have a relationship with the villians? Either from past personal experiences or new found relationships from being so tied by the bonds of good and evil.

You must develop the story and to do that you must have characters which will engage the audience.
ex. New Star Wars movies vs. Old Star Wars movies...(old movies were great because you could really feel the characters and the stroy pulled you into the moments "You really cared about what it is they wanted and understood them and their purpose
vs. new movies are all show, the characters are dull and lifeless and show no emotion. You don't really feel urgency when a fight is happening and about the only thing people got excited about was a double-ended light saber and watching Yoda using his light saber for the first time)


Where are they from? I was personally thinking that it could be interesting if they are an underground civilization of insect/human hybrids from an old experiment or war. THey are hell bent on paying back our world for the negligence of theirs.

What do they want?

What motivates this need to be evil?

How do they live?

DO they have any common bonds with the heros?

What are their powers?

What are their weaknesses?

Are they human or another species?

What traits define their purpose?

When were they first deemed as villains?

What caused their demise into the "darkside"?

Where does their hate come from?

DO they have a master plan? Or are they just floating aroung doing bad guys things?

Are they technological in their approach to being evil?

How do they cause they chaos which defines them as villians?

These are just a few of the questions you must define before developing the story further. You have a good basic idea as far as plot goes with the beginning in the interrogation. But where are you going from there? How are you getting from point A to B, or in your case moving through time A to F to D to S to Z. What leads can you give the plot or plots to bring the audience into the story?

These are just my ideas, I will probably be given Chinese Water Torture for putting them on my sleeve...but isn't that why we're here?

I hope that other people will chime in and comment on what I have said.

Also there are some technical issues which you need to address to standardize things a bit more for production, but my fingers are tired of typing so I will have to comment on that later.

Peace V

I am willing to do some work on this project. I have some good storyboarding skills, 3D knowldge is good ( but I haven't had the chance to implement it yet since I am still in school), I can do some character development, matte painting, post-work, pre-vis, etc. etc.

members only hunter
02 February 2005, 12:16 AM
that is absolutely brilliant. between what i am reading here and the emails that i have recieved from people already on board i am gladd to see so many people jazzed up for one of my projects. to anwser a few of your conserns... and i really, really apreciate them:
yes story is king
cool visuals is queen... think chess... she can do alot more than the king and not break a sweat doing it.

i am a visual person and can really get into the mood with great visuals. but that isn't exactly what we are going for here. natural is cool too. somthing that looks like it belongs and not cobbled together. spandex is out- sorta- they are superheros after all and computer generated and that is what will show up and keep them seperated from the backgrounds. i still like muted colors but as you know i'm not sure baggy clothes and flowing capes are somthing that can be done on time and on budget. besides it has all been done before.

story ideas are still flowing- just right now i recieved an email and he had several ideas that i would like to incorperate into the process. that is an ongoing thing. i am humbled at what alot of people are saying and i would gladly take a back seat on a few things to move the story along. begining, middle, and end are arranged- what needs to be done is inbetween.

motivations- i have a few- and so do our characters. but i don't want them completly appearant. i have written little back stories for each character- some more mysterious then others. i was going for a more realistic villian than what you had in mind. a doctor that thinks he is god is what i am going for.

they aren't nesseraily attached together by anything, what i was thinking was a blue collar type of stuff, like they are average joes out there trying to do their job. operating in secret but not so much that they don't go out durring the day. they have alter egos but are not much for putting them on.

they have never encountered this villian and that is what has got them worried. and the fact that they were targeted as a whole from the get go. they must resque the weakest ,but the most vital and most loved, of their crew.

alot of the other things that you were asking for sounded alot like you wanted an origins story. somthing you could start from. i am a big advocate of just jumping into stories and letting the whole thing fall where they may. i want to make a sequel or the second in a trilogy without making the first one. i think many will agree that empire strike back is the best. i am a wierdo though and like the thirds in trilogys. sw:return of the jedi, die hard:with a vengence, ij:the last crusade and yes matrix:revolutions. that is why i have forgone the origins for getting right into the story.

the story does go kinda like b, a, c, d starting with interrogation and then going to what happened at the beginging of the day that got them to the interrogation and the to then using their investigation skills to force an encounter at the end of the movie. the main characters will be split up to find and fight several minoins of the main villian and at the end will come together in a battle royale(thats a cool word isn't it). there should be a point at the end of act 2 begining of act 3 where we are flipping constantly between all 3 of the fights.

anyways the wave- i will try to reach you by email and give you somemore information and maybe anwser somemore questions and hopefully you will want to help out.


03 March 2005, 08:40 PM

We are very excited to see something like this taking place here. It will give alot of people that want to get into these kinds of things some real life experiences in this type of project. My company is located in Dallas, TX and we have a great base of talent here that might be of use to this project. I guess what I am saying is we want to help and be involved. Is there anyway to can email any information of the story so far and where they may be resource gaps that we might be able to fill.


members only hunter
03 March 2005, 07:26 AM
that s kewl cause i live in ft. worth. it is good to hear from some local people. what do you do? how would you like to help? emal me directly at
and we can hash out the details.


03 March 2005, 04:44 PM

As a beginner i would like to contribute something for your project. I don't have much skillset to start with. But i'm taking courses in Maya now. Let me know if i can help you on something.

thank you,

members only hunter
03 March 2005, 05:25 PM
keep on learning.
i too am in the process of learning maya and think it will really be beneficial to my work life. i would really like to encourage you to also try out some other programs such as 3d max and, my personal favourite, lightwave. being multi software ligual is really good.

for this project though what i am going to do is use the free program blender. i have already experimented with it and foud it very capabel for our purposes. but i am open to letting the modelers model in what ever they want and exporting them into a format that blender likes- namely the obj format. this is also to let them use their favourite to texture in. this is all a matter of streamining.

2 things that i really need now.
1. exaples of your 3d work- heavy on the character stuff but i can tell where oyu are comming from.
2. if you have a camera- go out and take video of cool places that you think that would be cool in a superhero setting.

if you want a little more direction then email me- and i will let you know a little more about the story. atleast let me see what you are capable of and i can start you on some of the asets that we are going to need.

again my email is


03 March 2005, 11:13 PM
hi. finally got a new e-mail. mayhaps i can pitch in. but gonna be busy with cgtalkchallenge for now. but maybe with some ideas and "inbetweens". but, if you have no need of me, just say so. sounds like a really cool project so far.

again, like you saw in my earlier posts, i like doing humouristic stuff. is yours gonna be a serious movie. i guess so, with the odd joke thrown in here and there.

i also think that you should make the heroes ordinary people. that always creates a much more powerful effect. somehow, an ordinary person that does extraordinary stuff just seems so much more powerful than an actual superhero doing the same.

add me to the email list. id like to keep track of this. thx.

members only hunter
04 April 2005, 03:05 AM
hey there boys and girls i just thought that i would post some exclusive stuff. and maybe get a little feedback on what i have written so far. to set this up- the characters are Heat, Caliber, Hank and Misty. all of them are main characters of the film. if you need to know more about who they are you can read some of the past posts that i did or email me with the questions.

Heat heads over to the kitchen cabinet and takes out the fruity pebbles. He opens the door to the refrigerator and gets out the milk. And then gets out the bowl. While heat is doing this Caliber is sitting up on the couch and turns on the T.V. The apartment is quaint and modern all at the same time. The home entertainment center is not state of the art but is far more sophisticated then most systems. Caliber is switching channels like a pro. He only stays on each channel long enough to figure out he doesn't want to watch. This happens until he gets to the cartoons. He starts to linger there when he sees that it is the superman show. Heat sits down next to him and starts to watch the tube as well. He is eating and watching at the same time.


Supes. He's my man. He's got it all.


what are you talking about? Batman, now there is a superhero.


whoa. Wait a sec. Superman is the man. He is the superhero's superhero. He's the guy you call. Besides he's the leader of justice league and the most loved.


no way. Batman is a second fiddle to no one. He uses all of his talent to corral the bad guys and he does it a much darker place. Superman wouldn't last one second in Gotham city.


oh you think metropolis is an easy place to work. Have you been there lately? The crowd in that city is the hardest to wrangle. Gotham may have it's petty thieves and ruffians but metropolis is the place for bad guys that are trying to take over the world.


and that makes them any more hard to handle? Look all o those super-vllians have something to loose, but a street thug is fighting for his life.


i guess i can see that, but i still would want to be superman if i was given the choice.

Misty and hank walk back into the room all dressed and ready to go. The two walk to the door of the apartment and start open it.


okay you two, we are leaving. Play nice and be ready for anything.


i expect you two to be ready to work once i get to the office. This is a big city and you never know what is going to happen.


who do you think is the better superhero?


i guess I'm a wonder-woman type gal. She is really good looking could always be counted on to be able to kick a little tushie. A real role model for the working woman.


i don't know- i guess Under-dog.

With that the door closes and the two start on there way to work, and caliber and heat are still sitting on the couch finishing their breakfast

this happens twoard middle of the first act about 18pgs in.

well what do you guys thing?
if you were to have the same conversation what would you make it about and how would you anwser the question- who is your favorite superhero and why? how does he or she matchup with other superheros and so on and so forth.

here is also the updated character list:
Cast of characters

Heat- male/ black/25-35yrs. Abandoned alien from an unknown galaxy. Widowed when his wife and only son were killed by an unknown assign.

Caliber- male/ white/25-35 yrs. Ex CIA covert sniper and assasin tasked with atoning for the projects that his government asked him to complete. Expert in gadgets and urban warfare.

Lunatic/Jake Remorre-male/white/ 18-35yrs. Unspectacular guy that woke up under the command of dr. slice.

Doctor/Dr. Slice- male/white/ indeterminate age. Doctor of many things that believes he has the right to determine who lives and dies.

Principle/Colonel Hildalgo Rivera- male/Latin/ 45-60yrs. Target of Caliber's in a flashback. Corrupt leader targeted for assignation.

Fatigues/the Leutinent- male/Latin/ 30-40yrs. Bodyguard of the principle. Protection for a corrupt leader that is targeted for assignation.

Hank- male/ white/35-45yrs. Disgruntled DMV worker who uses his computer knowledge and access to city computers to help the crew out by being their dispatcher.

Mist/Misty- female/ white/ 18-25yrs. Genetically altered to be able to vanish into thin air. Dealing with life and love in the big city.

Walter- male/white/ 35-40yrs. Middle manager at the DMV where Hank works.

Detective Dan O'maly, ECPD- male/ white-Irish/ 35-50yrs. Loyal cop on the beat specializing in unusual cases that need special attention. Tasked with dealing with the vigilantes of the city.

Margret- female/white/ 35-50yrs. Fat woman that is also a minion of dr. slice

Chief- male/ white/ 60-65yrs. The ranking officer that caliber reported to when he was in clandestined services. Currently being held at an insane asylum.

Isha/the informant- male/Latin/18-25yrs. Street thug. In it for the money and to keep out of the pen.

any-ways i thought that i would post an update.


05 May 2005, 05:05 PM

Hey i moving more towards editing and story writing. I found myself really comfortable in doing these jobs. I'm getting FCP5 and Shake4 by the end of this month. So any help that you need in editing take my word. "I will help you out" Its for free.

Let me know,


members only hunter
05 May 2005, 04:30 AM
thanks for the interest... maybe i could get you to take a look at the script. in my opinion it is still lacking. what is worse is that i have been the only one that has been writing it. admitally writing is not my best subject.

email me and i will send you a copy of what i have and maybe anwser some questions on the story arch.


05 May 2005, 01:22 AM
I think that before you can play with time effectively like Tarentino does you need to have a good understanding about how the story evolves. As I have read through this thread I have not seen enough in the ways of story development...and STORY IS KING!!!

sorry but i have to just say.. Tarantino has used time manipulation as a device but it really has nothing to do with his greatness as a filmmaker. It's just that, a device. So i hope by 'meets tarantino' he was referring to the witty banter of dialogue (miller's crossing from the coen bros. is one of the best examples) and the grittiness he talked about.

the idea looks great. I'm busy writing some other things but i'll subscribe to the thread and hope it goes better than the alien short movie and some other collabo projects. i'd really like to see one finished.

good luck to everybody.

members only hunter
05 May 2005, 06:15 AM
i was refering to the gritty nature and the witty banter of the dialogue. there is some time dialtion in there too but it is kinda different than exactly the way t-man did it.

first thing is the first act is really the action from the middle of the timeline. it then goes back to the very begining and starts to tell how the characters got to what happened at act 1. act 2 then seperates the 4 main characters and tells each of their story up until the time that the pivitol action occurs. this happens at the end of act 2. auctually it happens 4 times telling the story of what each character is doing when the action is going down. the last of the 4 is the most important because it is he that the action is happening to.

i hadn't really thought about it but it is like telling the story of kenedy's assination from 3 differnt eyewitnesses and then telling it from kenedy's own perspective.

the last act tells the story of how the 3 heroes come together- using their personal rescources to resolve the conflict set up in act 2. i think that i have come up with a time dialation device that is differnt yet enough the same to not confuse the viewer. i wanted to set up a relationship with the hero characters while setting up how they feel about the object of the conflict. and i wanted to do this before the viewer knew who these characters are. anyways if you have read this far and are still interested i can email you the script and the outline and you can read for yourself.


Geoff Edwards
05 May 2005, 08:00 PM
I would be willing to provide voice acting and recording services if I am not required to make too big of a time commitment (gotta keep time available for paying customers!).

05 May 2005, 02:31 PM
The people of this nameless city "X City?" or "City X?" are actually plugged into this internet city - much like Neo in the Matrix only these people are not prisoners. The internet has evolved and to access it you plug yourself in (perhaps virtual reality) and move around as if you were actually there - looking up data, meeting people, going to meetings...etc. X City is this internet city and most everyone on earth is here - in this virtual world but X City is the place to be if you're hip. Now, the real world is this boring place no one wants to be in so they're plugged in and this evil lunatic dude has found a way to hack into this world and keep the users from leaving "unplugging". And these superheros are just ordinary men and women who happen to be hackers who've banded together in this internet world and have learned to "manipulate their world" (again, like Neo in the Matrix) and so they use these abilities against the bad guy. The bad guy wants to rule X City and he's found a way to take control of it.

Well, just rambling on here, excuse me. Just trying to be helpful. Good luck!



members only hunter
05 May 2005, 04:28 AM
that sounds great but not what i am looking for. i would be interested in directing if you would like to write it. i am looking to do a bunch of differnt ideas and i think that i could get behind this one. this is assuming that it isn't too much like the matrix. i say run with it and see if there is anyone else that would like to help out.

i have also ideas for:
a pure sci-fi opera
a more realistic football movie
a baseball is like life movie
and a religious end of the world thriller movie

they all have different takes on the subject and all would be pretty cool. they would also be very difficult to do at the same time so i am concentrating on Heroes United.

i am really excited that you have voulenteered to help out- what kind of thing are you looking to contribute... i am downlaoding your demo now and am going to listen soon, but i thouhg that if you are doing it for free that you could pick what you wanted to do. email me and i will email the script to you.


Sid Barnhoorn
05 May 2005, 10:57 AM
Ey guys,

This sounds cool. I'd like to give a, roger that, for the music-score. For music demos of my work you can check my site if interested. It's obvious that it's a long way from needing music but it's always handy to keep an eye out for those things... here's my site: (

Good luck with the project. I'll keep an eye out on this thread.


05 May 2005, 02:42 PM

Perhaps I will write "City X" but this'll have to wait 'til I"m done with two current writing assignments. But this idea is something I've had in the back burner for a while now and seriously want to move it up the list of priorities. Anyway, when I do get it written and am seeking a director, I'll keep you in mind. Thanks.



"Time is cyclic, therefore we get a second chance at everything, even love." --- albert barrera, 2005.

Geoff Edwards
05 May 2005, 10:09 PM
i am really excited that you have voulenteered to help out- what kind of thing are you looking to contribute... i am downlaoding your demo now and am going to listen soon, but i thouhg that if you are doing it for free that you could pick what you wanted to do. email me and i will email the script to you.


Hi Chris, I could voice and record a character or two...

06 June 2005, 05:52 AM
...I'm not sure if I can contribute, though I'd like to. I was thinking of making (and probably will make later) a comic book of the type "how things are done". The idea is ethereal - the story seems to start taking shape, and never does. There are bits here and there that bear re-circulating very well: for example, the heroes talk about going somewhere to meet a stool pigeon, but they never get there, and the idea fades away bit by bit, with only hints about it later in the story. They could pick it up again when the case has been solved and everyone's happy.

Let me know if you are interested in this sort of false leads and stuff. I can come up with lots. I'm aware they fit snugly in mental slapstick comedy, not in anything serious: they tend to make the story hard to follow and gather only a limited fandom, if you know what I mean. They can be mixed in a Naked Gun-type story, no problem - but in my taste even those films were a bit too coherent to be altogether funny.

Another idea that comes to mind: the bad guys would be following a different story than the good guys. If those two meet somewhere - believably or not - it doesn't spoil anything. If they don't, the baddies get bust in any case. And that's what counts, isn't it?

members only hunter
06 June 2005, 07:37 AM
slapstick isn't exactly what i am going for on this one but there is deffinately humor mixed in. you can't make a movie about superheroes and not make it funny -intensionally or not. anyways i do still need people to look over the script and makes some notes, maybe contibute a little. this is especially true with the dialogue. i have decidedly nailed down the story arch and have a working outline and now it is time to fill in the gaps. on the whole the script is 2/3 done at about 80 pages. the first act is nailed down- well as much nailed down as it can be at this point. i haven't even started on act 3 although the scenes are layed out. it is now a matter of filling in 10 more pages of act 2 and all 30 pages of act 3. if anyone is interested i am sending out the script to the people on my mailing list tonight and if you act now i can put you on that list...


members only hunter
07 July 2005, 05:27 AM
the script is almost done... about 20 more pages. that is until others get a hold of it and critique it...

if you want a peek- email me and i'll send it too you.


07 July 2005, 10:11 PM
I don't know if any musicians have yet come forward but I would be willing to help with scoring and orchestration / realisation. I'm primarily a composer/orchestrator, conductor, and synth programmer so if you could use these skills let me know!

No demos up at the mo sorry but my CV's floating around somewhere if you want to check credentials :p



07 July 2005, 01:57 AM
Hey Chris,

This really seems like an interesting project and I am looking to hear more from it. I e-mailed you to get the script, looking forward to that. Also, something I want to point out...I noticed that the bad guys, the 3 of them are latin. Why latin? I am a "latino" or "latin" and I don't like it when they always put us as the bad guys. That is why some, if not most, americans see us as criminals when it is not true. Can't the bad guys be from the city itself? Not latins...Just suggesting something here...but apart from that the story looks like it is coming along pretty nicely.

About the idea you have, that you start in the middle of the story then get back to it as the story progresses, is the same idea I am using for the book I am writign about timetraveling (hoping to make a CGI movie out of it too). I really liked when I read that you were using the same idea because it means we share visions in some aspects. I really like superheroes stories, so I am really looking forward to helping you out with this one.


members only hunter
07 July 2005, 01:40 AM
hey guys thanks for the reply and i'll reply in person to the emails that i got. but i want to address the questions here.

first i have no composers as of yet but there has been some one that has already voulenteered for that position. but i had a great idea the other day about doing a promo/trailer-- that you might be able to help me out with. back in the 80's there was a television show called the greatest american hero and it had this great theme song that wnt with it. it was called- "believe it or not". i love this song and would love for someone to cover it for the promo/trailer... that would be somthing that you could do, but make it differnt- i mean do it in electronica or hevy metal or rap- somthing contemporary that i could use later on in the sound track. this is a way for me to gauge talent and to see who is really interested. make it about the length of the theme song(1 min) and don't worry about the credit - let me do that.

second yeyeman9
auctually the bad gut is dr. slice, the lunatic, margeret, and the sargent- all white. i haven't finished the script too tho and some of it is subject to change... the only thing i might change is Isha- he isn't really a bad guy but a street thug and a snitch. so doesn't that really make him a good guy. besides i thought that i might change him into an arab or somthing. it really goes to the character that i stole him form... in the replacement killers there was this sniveling street thug that reluctantly helped out the hero... i comped the scene that he is in from the same movie but from the scene at the very begining of it. not to worry i also took a little from colateral when jamie fox goes into the night club. anyways the other two bad guys that you are refurring to have to be latino because they are in the latin jungle and i wanted an assination. neither of the 2 have any lines and are kinda forgetable except that they introduce the audience to dr. slice and that he is always around when eveil men rise to power- that will be addressed at the end of the movie.

nudge me if you want to know more.

anyways- i'm just truckin along.


07 July 2005, 03:38 AM
Good to know :). I got your e-mail with your script. Going to look into it.

07 July 2005, 04:21 PM
Just checked this out and it looks quite interesting. Would love to help out. I have some examples of previous work in my signature. Let me know if you would like me to help out. I also am getting into animation. Just let me know.
I also posted in your other thread. I would love to give the script a read. Let me know if you would like my help.

07 July 2005, 08:12 PM
maybe i could get you to take a look at the script. in my opinion it is still lacking. what is worse is that i have been the only one that has been writing it. admitally writing is not my best subject.

email me and i will send you a copy of what i have and maybe anwser some questions on the story arch.

I would love to read your script I am starting to lean alot more on stories in addition to CG stuff... email


07 July 2005, 05:35 PM
This idea of a colab movie seams to be a great idea. im intrested in modeling the info geek and/or gaget geek. I love character develoipment and creation. In order to get this project off and going the "leader" should host a confrence on some chat aplication. therefore ideas would be heard faster.

members only hunter
08 August 2005, 07:59 PM
i would love to see your take on the batman/ gaget geek type charater. i have an idea for him and can send you the image that i want it to look like but since this is a collabrative project would like to see what you have in mind. email me at and i will discuss it further.

i not really keen on doing some sort of chat thing for several reasons- chief among them is that i will probly not be able to participate. i am not currently on line at home and must find a computer to post/update the script. i have a computer but it isn't online. the other reason is it makes it easier to control what people are doing... that is so there is no overlap in work. i can dole it out and re postion people so that they are wisely utilized.

anyways i hope there is another upday by this weekend-maybe a whole script. then we can get to work on the voice acting and the other assets.


members only hunter
08 August 2005, 07:50 PM
from your friendly neighborhood wacky screenwriter/director.

ther is a new update to this behemouth and now it is at 130 pages. and still no ending. i kinda have wrote myself into a corner here. i have gotten tto that point where the heroes are back together again and they are in the final fight aginst the villian of the story. the problem is 2 fold:
1. the easy part- the real name of the villian- i was hoping for somthing old and treterous. somthing like 2000bc not 1950ad. maybe somthing egyptian- kinda an advisor to the pharohs or somthing along those lines... anything will be listened to.

2. the hard part- it has come to the part where the villian has made known his motives- to take hank and to mold him/ transform him into the next generation dictator/ruler of the world. he has offered to let the heroes stay on as the inforcers. the problem comes because i don't know why the heroes will reject him... or even if they will. this is tha quandry to ponder and ultimately solve.

this all needs to be written and well. i figure there is another 10 pages here and i am toying of ending on a wedding that was refered to in act 1 but that can go either way. i figure that will be another 3-5 pages. projecting the ultimate 1st draft will be in the range of 145 pages. and that is really too long. i want to ultimately push for 100 pages. so that means that i have to cut 45 pages and all of you screenwriters out there know haow hard that can be. once i get finished with it i will post it for pairing down.


08 August 2005, 12:30 AM

I didn;t read every post here, so i'm not aware of if you have a lipsync guy yet. I'm not saying i'm an expert, but if you still need one, take a look at some stuff i've been doing here (

You either email me or PM me just to let me know, one way or the other.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


09 September 2005, 08:36 PM
i have tons of time and i want to be involved in this project. I want to be in the music part.

i listened some of sidbarnhoorn ('s music and it is realy great. However if you want diferent style in music i gues i can help.

here are some of my recent works

Not: and i also can help with the modeling here are some of my 3d works! (

members only hunter
09 September 2005, 02:51 PM
hello one and all

the script is finally at a preliminary done stage. it comes in at a heafty 125 pages and could still use some tightning. but it is mostly there. there is still some stuff to take care of like the villians real name... i have gotten some suggestions but nothing that is really touching me. if you have any ideas let me know.

the next step is auditioning voice talent... if you read the script and would like to take on a roll please let me know- send me an audition file with a line from the script- preferably from the part that you would like to have- and i will get back to you.


10 October 2005, 02:08 AM
Hi Chris

Got you email today.

I produce a few portfolio pieces every month (as opposed to client work). So I suppose they could be contributed. My refinery is a little low poly but I think if you need it for backgrounds etc it would be fine.

My character skills are a bit poor at the moment. But I'm relearning.

The amount of time I can give is highly variable due to my business and other time eaters.


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10 October 2005, 01:48 PM
that's okay and highly understandable.

most people in this project are not doing it full time- even me- although i wish i were. there are several highly talented professionals that have expressed interest in donating time and stuff but most of the rest of us are amatures hoping to put out some really cool stuff and add to our perspective portfolios and one day get that awesome job. it is a learning oppurtunity too and if you have any interest in doing character modeling let me know and i will get you started.

email me at and we can discuss it further.

thanks for you time


members only hunter
11 November 2005, 08:06 PM
okay gang- and everyone that is watching... the website is up and running (

take a look around and see what is going on...

let me know if you want to help and aren't already...

maybe head over to the forum and post....


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11 November 2005, 08:06 PM
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