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01 January 2005, 11:16 PM
Please be patient with my newbiness.

Noticing how quickly ActiveShade renders the scene, I was wondering if I could use it to preview sequences. However when you choose ActiveShade, the TimeOutput parameters are disabled; you can only render one frame at a time. I would like to write a script that renders a frame using ActiveShade, writes it out to disk, advances the time slider and renders the next frame etc. I would then assemble the files into an avi using another program.

Is this in the realm of possibility? (if it were, I would think the functionality would already be in Max. I must be missing something)


01 January 2005, 12:56 PM
I've gotten a little closer with this. I can call the activeShade render by using:

actionMan.executeAction 0 "40701"

and I can go through the frames and update the activeShade view by using:

actionMan.executeAction 7 "40601"

My only stumbling block at this point is saving the bitmaps. The render() command has an 'output' argument that lets you do this, but the render command won't utilize activeShade (as far as I can tell).

getLastRenderedImage() method works only for the images rendered using Render Scene, Render Last, or Quick Render.

Any help would be appreciated. (this is only my second week with MaxScript)


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