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01 January 2005, 03:14 AM
Hi guys,

After getting some great constructive critiques about my demo reel (thanks Kevin), i have decided to go over all my animations and fix them.This is the first piece..a crazy-funny fish in chase of fodders..

Waiting for your comments..



01 January 2005, 04:48 AM
Hey serkan! lookin really good! I really like the sqash and stretch. It gives the fish real character. The facial expressions are really good too.
I would change one thing though. It seems that after he takes a bite, he goes flying quite a ways and spins in all different directions. Not likely to happen under water.
Other than that, lookin' really good!

01 January 2005, 05:02 AM
Hey Corey, thanks for the critique man! I'm glad you liked it..
Well, you are right about the way he fools around a little too much, but i really wanted him to have a crazy feeling to it, lots of energy,fast motions..because of this, i didn't want to limit his movements..but yeahh..maybe i went too far..heh..
I'll post some new stuff soon, make sure you take a look buddy!



01 January 2005, 08:25 AM
hello serkan!
i like the way your fish behaves and moves. i also like this kind of tragic irony: he does not know, that he just saved his life by loosing this "game" and instantly heads for the next one.

but when i looked at the movie the first time i did not quite understand whats going on. just unrelated zipping around at first sight.

one reason for this may be the fact that the screen is completely empty everytime that fish and bait have left the scene. i think at least one of them should stay in the picture. maybe both of them.

secondly, the movement of the fish and the bait sometimes dont fit together.
i dont think its the kind or speed of movement (that just fits the character perfectly) but the relation of movements.
when the fish is after the bait, the bait moves too early or the fish too late, as you like. your fish character zips around very fast. so i would assume his reactions would also be fast. now it is like this:
bait comes in, fish comes in, looks at bait.
bait disappears. just then fish realizes this is eatable, goes for bait, that is already long gone. i think it does not work that way. the bait should move when the fish is already heading at it.

also, there is the same action going on three times without much variation.
you might try this:
bait comes in, fish comes in, looks at bait.
swims towards bait, takes a closer look, opens mouth, shuts eyes.
bait is moved (not entirly out of the picture, just away from fish)
fish (eyes still closed) takes bite, opens eyes, looks around.

i mean, the action should start rather calm and then get increasingly wilder.

at the end, before the fish leaves for his new goal, one should shortly see that one. maybe another hook with an even bigger bait.

apart from that, very good start!

01 January 2005, 05:39 AM
Hello Bonsai !!

I'm so happy that you liked what i got there :)
I will fix the timing problems without any doubt,and i will definetely try to find a better camera solution..also adding more curve to his body looks like a good thing that i have to work on..
Well, make sure you check this page soon for an update :)



01 January 2005, 10:57 PM
hey great character design! I would pay close attention to the weight of the hook+bait. It should be practically weightless! This means when it plunges back into the water, it should sift back and forth on its way down. It looks like its being dipped in air right now.

I'm no expert on fish, but it looks like his head drives his thrust. I want to see his back flippers and fins do the meat of the work. Propelling and really causing his sharp turns and darts. Good stuff! Do you have any bigger plans for the guy?

01 January 2005, 05:11 PM
Hey Paul,

Thanks for your comments..I know that i couldn't create the feeling[density] of water yet..i'll work on that..actually, i am currently working on the fish's rig, adding more bones to give him a better curvature for the body movements..I'll post a better version nowadays..
no big plans for now, i am trying to put together a good demo can check my previous reel at ( ...It will be updated soon with better animations..


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