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01 January 2005, 10:20 PM

We're doing a schoolpaper work as a final exam for a 3D course, and we're allowed to pick a free topic within 3D modeling which we have to present in front of the class. I've chosen to dig into MaxScript since they didn't teach us jack about it in this couse. I'm wondering if anybody knows how long MaxScript has been around. Was it already possible to write, load and run scripts in the very first version of 3D Studio Max...? And if not, in which version did MaxScript first appear...?

I'd really appreciate if sombody could give me a link with various background facts of MaxScript which could be useful and interesting to mention for the others in the presentation.

Thansk in advance
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01 January 2005, 11:15 PM
I've just copy/pasted much of this from the ScriptSpot "Script Installation" page (go to scriptspot, it's a blue link on the right side of the screen under "Information" ...

MAXScript was developed as a plugin for 3D Studio Max by John Wainwright (sp?) 1.x, but before it was released it was brought in-house by discreet (at that time Kinetix) and released with max 2.0. Initially maxscript was rudimentary in comparison to its features today. Maxscripts could only be .MS files and had to be run via the maxscript panel / run script command. There was no ability to call maxscripts from within the 3ds interface (ie quads/menus/shortcut keys)...

The customizable user interface (CUI) developed with max 3 redefined how commands could be called from within 3ds and allowed maxscripts for the first time to be embedded in many different parts of the 3ds UI... New maxscripts were referred to as Macroscripts and carried the extension .MCR to differentiate themselves. These scripts were able to be added to menus and given keyboard shortcuts exactly like other features in max. This was the beginning of the maxscript explosion.

There are currently 4 types of maxscripts. The original maxscript file is a .MS file and has to be run by using the Run Script command. The newer generation of maxscripts are Macroscripts and are identified by a .MCR file, they are installed by using the Run Script command but are run by assigning a shortcut in the Customize UI menu. The third type is a encrypted maxscript signified by a .MSE file, these files are encrypted for security to protect the author's source code primarily in cases where the author is selling the maxscript either to the public or to a company they are working for. The fourth type of maxscript is really just a distribution method. Maxscript Zip Package signified by an .MZP extension. Zip packages are automated installations designed to make it easier for all us artists to install complicated scripts with tons of buttons and stuff that need to be put in specific paths. Zip packages are installed by either dragging them into the max viewports or by using the Run Script command. Basically think of these as glorified MCR's where the install is automated but you will of course still need to assign a shortcut / menu / quad to execute the script in the Customize UI menu.

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