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01 January 2005, 10:11 PM
hi friends, here's an animation of the rigging test of the character i'm making for a short movie for my Demo reel. . It's a template animation from CS which i thought to be very useful for testing the rigging of the model and his clothes.

If u guys detect any weird errors or bugs more than the obvious intersections(that i truly hope to fix soon) please let me know.

Btw that animation has no cloth least yet.

an hi-resulution still from the character can be seen in this thread, from the finished still 3d images, here on cgtalk .

PS: I hope to add hair to him soon:scream: because i had made hair for him in shag hair, but it doesnt work with Mental ray! Arrrg!

01 January 2005, 08:22 PM
ok.. i am only 16 but i think i can give a couple of points to fix in this animation lol...if i'm correct he is slipping right??...well...the foot that is to start the initial slip looks like it doesnt move...i needs to move forward like its slidding and then let the upper body lead the fall with the legs affected so that they will be thrown in the air... and what i also noticed is that when he falls...the feet are too flexible and floppy looking after he hits the floor...because he is wearing boots....strong boots i hope their shouldnt be that much flexibility... anyway i hope my comments are helpful...great rig!!

-adam the king of nothingness

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