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02-08-2002, 11:08 PM
I have done the edit and visual FX for a small film and I have a very strange problem with the credits.

I have made a list of names in Illustrator, Arial Narow and white as color. I imported that in AE and changed the position of the list so it would scroll. Also I set the brightness a little lower, because I read somewhere that you shouldn't use 100% white.
I rendered it with all the settings on BEST (1024x576, because I wanted it PAL widescreen)and imported it in Premiere and exported it to miniDV using firewire and a Canon XL1.
1st problem: you couldn't read the text, because it looked a bit distorted, but the biggest problem is that the white has colors over it, like a noise filter.

I got the 1st problem solved, by resizing the text. But the second problem stays. Also the resizing of the text is a little stange, because I looked at the size of credits of movies on DVD for reference. I think it's strange because DV-quality is better that DVD quality, becuase DVD's got heavy MPEG II compression.

Please help.
Deadline has already passed, but I want to know it anyway.


02-09-2002, 04:03 PM
Can you post a frame or link to a frame from the DV file. You might have rendered it without a premultiplied alpha which would explain the noise you are refering to.

I've noticed that the native AE export to DV allways renders fields into your movie. I normally just convert to DV from Quicktime pro which gives me a solid result.

Hope that maight help.


02-09-2002, 10:56 PM

This is 1 minute of DV.
The problem is only visible when I view it on television.

I rendered it as a tiff-sequence (RGB+Alpha) and imported it into Premiere where I made it DV with no fields.

02-12-2002, 12:26 PM
It might be the speed of your scroll. I read an article some time ago regarding the speed of credit role and it's relationship to the scan rate of television. If it's too fast or too slow the horizontal edges flicker oddly as the fields switch. I never really saw an example, but this looks and sounds like it could be it.
I believe you can get rid of your problem by applying a slight verticle blur to your type. Of course you will have to nest your AI file in order to maintain the high quality settings that vector files give you.
I got my creating motion graphic by chris and trish meyer down and it has the info I was referring to.
On page 290, the blue sub-box states...
"Due to the interlaced nature of NTSC video, there are som "magic" scroll speeds. Avoid an speed in pixels per second that is an odd multiple of the field rate of your video. For NTSC this means 60, 180, 300, and 420 pixels per second. Using these numbers would cause details of the texxt being displayed on only one fo the two fields, resulting in a loss of half your resolution.
The best numbers are even multiples of the filed rate: 120, 240, and 360 pixels per second for NTSC. Numbers between these might result in some strobing as the text moves an uneven number of lines per field; test render and output to video to be safe. Softening the text with motion blur, shadows and glows help smooth out artifacts."

There is a link at:

It says this guy Adam Wilt spent a number of years writing software for the Abekas A72...whatever that is....

I hope this helps.

02-12-2002, 07:57 PM
it could also be the simple fact of the ai file being ragged,

try this make a new layer and make it very high like 1024x3000
use the text effect and type everything in and then animate the text layer instead of te ai see if that helps.

what version of ae are you using, i found alot of problems with some ai's in they try to turn it into a bitmap if it is scaled too much or if you have it in a precomp and sometimes it will reset the layer quality.

there are about 100 different things that may be cusing this but the best way to see if it is your ai or the scrolling is to make the new text layer native in ae and that will tell you if it is the scroll rate or not.

hope any of this helps


02-13-2002, 08:56 PM
Let us know what works and what doesn't. I'm interested in what is exactly causing your problem, since I've only read about it and never acutaly seen it in production.

02-15-2002, 09:04 PM
Because I'm busy with a big project for school (we have to make a game like GTA), I don't have much time to test things right away. But I'll let you know, when I know more.

thanks for your replies.

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