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Col. Gooseman
01 January 2005, 09:15 AM
I have need to export the animation from poser 5 to max 6. I can export the animation from poser 5 as multiple dxf/obj files. for every frame one complete mesh. Is there a possibility to import all files in max and to make a vertex animation from it, so that i have only one mesh with the complete animation on it?

thanks for your help


01 January 2005, 04:06 PM
Yes there is. Load all of the files into Max, this may end up being pretty slow. You may want to write a small script to load the files and give each loaded object a unique name.

As for transposing the animated verts you can do the following:

fn TransAnimation dest src =

(iNumVerts = meshop.getNumverts src

for i = 1 to iNumVerts do

meshop.setvert dest i (meshop.getvert src i)

sampleRate = 5 --the number of frames between each exported frame of the animation
frameMeshes = #($frame02, $frame03, ...etc..., $frame20)

slidertime = sampleRate

for fm in frameMeshes do

(with animate onTransAnimation $frame01 fm

slidertime += sampleRate


delete frameMeshes -- delete all the unwanted meshes

I suggest you improve upon this code however. This is just a rough example of where to start.

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