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01 January 2005, 04:59 AM
Hey Everyone, I've recently graduated from the Academy of Art and am looking for some feedback on my reel. I modeled and animated everything in Maya: ( (

(quicktime movies - right click and save target as)

You can find a breakdown of whats on the reel at the following address: (

I'm looking for a job too!



Mungo J
01 January 2005, 06:06 AM
hey thierry,

nice reel mate, i especially liked the ice cream stall scene and the shatner one, very well done and funnlily acted. and the little tied up bug - he's great!

in terms of crits i think the business brain guy's brain-heavy final walking could have been over-acted a bit more - but i love the concept of the weary businessman with just too big a head.

also i thought shatner's lip-synching was maybe not up to the standard of the rest, but i think it may just be that he has no tongue to pronounce the "thhh" syllable in "breathe" properly, which is probly only apparent as the camera is so close to him.

great reel tho, really enjoyed watchin.

01 January 2005, 01:13 PM
I actually watched this the first time round without sound, so I had no idea what the characters were acting too; the best one by far was the Sno-Kone one, i knew exactly what the sentiment of the scene was before i'd plugged some headphones in, the soundtrack only added to the humour :]
The weakest is probably the big-headed businessman, but it has the ability to be a lot better, as the post above me said, over-acting is the key here.

pepe de lucas
01 January 2005, 06:27 PM
Good work Thierry!,
I like very much the shot of the kid catching his glasses...

Good luck in your job search!

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01 January 2006, 09:00 AM
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