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Miss Julie
01 January 2005, 01:48 AM
Hey all. Working on this image. Can I get some tips on how to spice this up a bit from you genius artists out there.


01 January 2005, 05:45 AM
Hi Julie,

Not a genius artist checking in, but I'd love to try and help? :)

I think some of the easiest things to try and do to the painting might be to try and work on the contrasts, like the different shades and whatnot. Like the wings for instance, the have one color across the entire horizontal and that might work out great if you did that in smaller detail with perhaps a bit more shades. I was going to say work on the inside and outside portions of the wings, shading and shaping, but then I noticed that one of the major things you might want to look at is 'where is the light coming from'? If she's generating it from herself, then maybe and inside out effect, and darken/lighten the colors to show that from parts that you think would be affected by the lighting (like the tips of the wings vs. the part closest to her body, or even the dress she wears from the chest to the near end by her feet.) Or if there is some light source behind her illuminating her then maybe a more lighted feel on the edges and less on the inside is what she needs. A great thing to look at for reference on lighting effects, for me at least, is a flashlight and an apple (don't know why an apple, you can also use a colored glass too!) and see what parts are lighter or darker than the other. So that's the quickie I can try to say about the lighting (focusing on the wings because it seems the easiest for me to visualize in my head).

Another thing that caught my eye was the hair. Try to maybe make it more fluid? I learn best by example and there were two CG Choice Award winner pictures that I thought I'd say if you have the time to look at (and just look at the hair).

Check out the shorter hair (or at least the hair that seems more blocked with some strands falling stray) -

Then there's the longer hair with life in it, flying all over the place - (which is the one more along the lines of what I think you're trying to get across a bit here?)

So adding some more curve but not overdoing it is a great thing for hair. (unless it's what you want of course.)

And that's all I can say for now, good luck and great start! Oh, (gosh this post turned out long) and another thing is that there are some great tutorials out there, check out the 'tutorials section in the forums for some great tips, way better than any I could probably give.) :)

captain chapo
01 January 2005, 08:31 AM
i'm not going to take andy credit for genius in painting, but, like you've done with the face you need to add more colored reflection off the dress. also define the wings more, and i'd suggest losing the border, it detracts from the piece. can't wait for and update, love the wing colors!

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01 January 2006, 09:00 AM
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