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01 January 2005, 01:53 AM

I'm posting this Painter piece(created without references, because I just really needed to finish something), after well over a year of digital art block. I'm posting it in the WIP section because it's imperfect. There are some errors, I can see them and though I know it can be improved I'm calling this my version 1.0.

I used Painter8. I used the 2b pencil, the blending stump, and gentle bleach(adjusting the blender and eraser on the fly, in order to make them work more like real world blenders and a vinyl eraser).

Essentially I know where the glaring errors are(the highlights in her eyes are on the wrong side, and I could improve the teeth and ear), but hey, if you want to re-point them out to me, that's cool.

If you want to see the pic as it progressed I have the files(but they're not yet optimized for the net), so I can upload each image from rough sketch to changing my mind about certain elements, to correcting an eye's size, etc...just let me know when you comment.

Really I'm liking that I used the pencil because it leaves me with a finished drawing, and also a grissaile that I can use as a base for a color version:). I'm also very much liking the object behind her. I was going to do a very detailed background, and for some reason didn't and the object just appeared, and I feel it's abstract enough to imply whatever one might imagine it to be. At the same time it's quite solid(doesn't look flat:).

After I finish feeling good about sticking with my piece(after such a long dry spell) I will get to fixing the errors(really they're easy errors to fix, but I didn't want to tackle each little flaw, since that's when my pieces fall all to pieces with my erasing most of them and starting over).

So this is Vessel, Smile version 1.0

With some improvements, and minor touchups, I think it will be worthy of submission.

Really, you can comment freely, just know that I have spotted several parts which can be improved upon allready:).

01 January 2005, 04:15 AM
Hi Nolita, I like this piece but as your pointed out there are a few things that may need some alteration.

I included a slight rework of your image to some degree, I included a light source reference - I think that the shadows and highlights are very slightly off, but nothing too major, you can see that I also increased the contrast somewhat, and I made the background a little darker in order to reduce the visual confusion before since the bg had similar values to the foreground.

I'm not really sure what that thing is on her head, so I wont comment, I'm assuming its some sort of...hat?

I didn't have too much time, but I also added some detail to the girl's nose to give it better definition, the main areas that you can add definition to in order to bring out the feature while not making it look like a draw on, is to play with the shadows around the nostrils and the side of the nostrils.

The eyes also need a little bit of work, you can see in the ONE eye that I did touch up, I strengthened the edge of the iris, and gave the pupil a cleaner edge, wherease in the original it was a little muted and thus made her eyeball lense seem opaque.

The shadow created by the jawline, if corresponding to the frontal light (as referenced by the original reflection in her eyes in the original pic) should cast a darker shadow that also essentuates her feminine jawline.

Her hair is well done, however, I do think that the left side of her hair needs more body, or conversely you can remove the wisp of hair at about nose level, since it seems out of place (if you were approaching this from a photographer's perspective, they would never let a stray few strands like that splay out).

I increased the contrast of the eyelashes as well to bring out the eyes.

Now, for the changes that will require a little more work:

I personally think, if you are going for a realistic look, the eyes are far too large and need to be shrunk by about 15-20%, although if its a slightly stylistic look you're looking for, then leave as is.

The mouth to me doesn't gel right either, I think it is far too small, increase this by about 10-15% - although the teeth are a problem, they are far far too small by relative standards - if you took away the gum line and increased each tooth's width it would look more correct, in comparison to the nose, they are like child's teeth.

The neck line downwards also needs work, it seems far too unfinished.

The ear imo, needs a total rework, and just as the nose, they need increased edge contrast and sharpness - at the moment, they seem too blended.

Well, thats everything I think, nice work overall, keen to see what you do with it.

- m

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