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01 January 2005, 12:38 AM
Here are some cut scene storyboards I did in school last quarter. I sketched them out, had them approved by the teacher, then did a pencil comp, and finally colored them in photoshop.
We had two weeks to finnish and mount these.

I would like to know what you think of the texture I put into the coloring as well as the storytelling and color pallet. Other comments are welcome.



01 January 2005, 02:01 AM
These are the rest of the series.
Let me know what you think.



01 January 2005, 05:18 AM
The storyboards are good. The scene appears to be thought out well. Since they are storyboards and not just illustrations I have to critique them differently than I would an illustration.

If I was directing this scene, the first thing I would do is to key in on the mood of the progression. Considering the setting, the reptiles, and the swords, armour and blood, you will probably want to communicate that this is a damp...eerie...mysty place...where each breath must be taken with care and caution...Change the color scheme.

I can totally feel the giant turtle scene. Walking reptiles have a way of grasping the attention. Indicate that this turtle is thumping...boom..........boooom.......boooom.... through this place. How you'll communicate that in a still is up to you. Perhaps if you indicate that there's dust or little dirt particles on the underside of the turtle's neck where mud keeps splatting upwards from the force of the footfall. Also, in the worm's-eye view of the turtle, have one of his feet off the ground, that also gives the director and indication that this creature is not just sitting still...he's moving.


for the rest of scenes, please explain regarding the female and the tentacles. What are these two characters all about?

01 January 2005, 08:33 AM
hkbasravi, thanks for your reply. Those are some great suggestions and I wish I posted these in progress before I handed them in.
Here is the story as I created it. Ciren is the heroin of the story, a sorceress. This is meant to be an action sequence for a video game of my own making. In this sequence the human and lizardmen forces lay seige to an insectite hive...
Action sequence:

Siege on the Hive.

Closeup on a human unsheathing his sword.

Camera pans up a gargantuan turtle that walks through the forest, rotating the camera as it pans up revealing the catapult attached to its back with the lizardmen operators.

Camera cuts to a high angle shot of the lizardman and human army reaching a clearing.

An insectite dragonfly rider comes into the shot from the lower right, the camera pans around to reveal this monstrosities full horror.

The rider begins to load and shoot arrows with its bow in expert timing, as soon as one arrow is loft another is loaded. Four arms are used in this procedure.

Lizardman after lizardman falls.

Human archers notch arrows and let loose but non can hit this agile flier.

Camera cuts to Ciren in a low angle shot. A fierce look on her face as her hands begin to glow.

She bends down and flattens a palm onto the ground, with her other hand in a fist at her chest. Light shoots outward from here hand into the ground as tentacle vines shoot from the ground and pulls down the dragonflies.

Lizardmen swordsmen rush up the tentacles, and execute the beasts and their riders.

Suddenly, a ball of acid falls from the sky. Splattering upon several of the forces in the forest. The skin of the poor souls hit melt from their bone as they perish.

Camera cut to Ciren looking on, then pans to see what Ciren is looking at.

The insectite force is beginning to exit the hive and what shot the ball of acid is a huge beetle, what is called a bombardier.

The turtle catapult lets loose a stone it crashes through the hive wall leaving a large hole which quickly is tended to by the insectite.

Insectite blademen make good time running across the clearing, the forces of human and lizardmen meet them enforce.

From the side come the great lizardmen land dragon riders.

Camera shot of them speeding out of the forest then onto the battle.

The insectites are taken by surprise and the bombardier is quickly laid to rest.

As you can see I could only get a portion of this sequence in, as the assignment was to create an action sequence and a seperate cut-scene. I wanted to get in the dragonfly being defeated, otherwise I would have added more to Cirens casting.
I will post the other when I have a free moment.

BTW. This is a finished project, I received a better than average grade. The reason I am posting it here is because I received a luv e-mail from CGTALK stating...
* Your thread title was not in keeping with Hosted
Gallery posting policy.
* Your submission contains unfinished elements. Please submit
your work in the "WIP" forum for further critique.
Among a few other points and a threat of possible disciplinary action.

01 January 2005, 04:41 PM
This is a finished project, I received a better than average grade. The reason I am posting it here is because I received a luv e-mail from CGTALK stating...
* Your thread title was not in keeping with Hosted
Gallery posting policy.
* Your submission contains unfinished elements. Please submit
your work in the "WIP" forum for further critique.
Among a few other points and a threat of possible disciplinary action.
Just wondering if you tried to post in the Finished Work:2D gallery or in the Choice gallery. I'm pretty sure that they want only one image posted at a time in both, so your post may have been rejected if you tried to post all of your story boards in the same thread. I've seen a multi-panel comics page in the Finished Work gallery before, though. Best thing is to PM a moderator if you want clarification on posting policy.

As for crits on your work, it's not bad. I noticed a panel (I think it was #4 if taken sequentially) where you've got an overhead view of soldiers in a forest, but the trees are not in the same perspective. You might consider taking your strongest panel, enlarging it so you can make a very hi-res image and then try to post again.

01 January 2005, 05:06 PM
Storyboards can be done in very different ways but I think that the most important thing and also the reason that storyboards exist is so the people involved in making the film can get a good idea of what's going on in each scene very quickly.
So I think the better way is to illustrate camera and character movements with arrows instead of writing that down in small letters, because that prevents you from seeing the whole scene, all this different pictures working togetter, because you have to get close to the paper fixate on the small letters...
Then you've used color and made beautifull images but is that color information really needed? Doesn't it suffice to keep it in grayscale to catch the lighting and mood which is the important thing? I think you've lost lots of time rendering the images with colors while you could have done more images in grayscale to better visualize the action in the scenes.
So, now this might sound like very hard critique but actualy I'm no pro and I like your storyboard very much. I'm just trying to give you some advice to improve your great work (if ever needed)

01 January 2005, 08:46 PM
Thank you for your replies!

Ilikesoup, I posted one page at a time in the finnished not choice gallery BUT the first time I posted there was an issue with the size, then I didn't realize that the country option became blank, there was another issue with the size that I thought I fixed, and then I got it right. I had the pages set up as they are here. I was going to post one page with two frames sequentially.

You know, I see what you are saying with the trees and looking at it, that would have been cool and further show the point that they where marching into as clearing. Strongest panel, hmm...well I also found in the CG-Film-Making section a place for storyboards and I posted a link to this post =).

coCoKNIght, the teacher didn't really want the arrows for his own reasons and he wanted these in color. As you can see by the script I followed I would have liked to have put in more panels but there was a limit to the amount of panels to be handed in. By no means was your critique very hard.

Thanks again,


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