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idiot box
01 January 2005, 05:31 AM
This is something I just started working on. I blocked in most of the colors for the women, but right now im trying to figure out how to take it to the next level by making it look more real.
This is something i've had a probem with on any painting i've done. If any one can help, please reply if you have time.

As far as the back ground I plan on adding a forest or something with fairies flying around the rose.

01 January 2005, 12:53 PM
I blocked in most of the colors for the women, but right now im trying to figure out how to take it to the next level by making it look more real.
This is something i've had a probem with on any painting i've done. If any one can help, please reply if you have time.If its realism that you want, then you need to start becoming an active observer, more than anything, an artist has a keen eye able to break complexity into its simple parts.

You need to start actively viewing objects in the real world, before you can start mimicking them on paper or whatever medium you choose.

You need to understand form, shape, breaking down complex objects into primary shapes, start to actively observe proportion - how long is one limb with regards to another limb, why exactly is it that length, what advantage does it have being that size rather than bigger/smaller? More than anything this will help in creating believable objects if realism is your goal, humans are very perceptive, we intuitively know what will and will not work in the physical world, that is why fantastical creations must still be grounded in reality.

Start understanding the art of composition, how to draw a viewer's eye into a certain direction in the picture, understand lighting, ambient and direct, and all in between.

Understand that color plays significantly on mood, what sort of mood do you want your image to create? Understand that there is no such thing as flat color in the real world, everything is a gradient of a primary or a mix of primaries, created and melted by lighting. Understand the way shadows are thrown, understand how shadows fall.

I suggest first understanding proportion, that is why art schools spend so much time teaching the art of sketching, it allows you to build pathways in your brain about how things in reality look and act in correspondance with each other, nothing in the real world happens in a vacuum. After being able to sketch what you see - and NOT what you THINK you see, then move onto creation, creation of your own objects, people, whatever, after that then learn values, contrast between light and darkness, shadow and highlights and mid tones. Color, imo should be the last thing to undertake as it is the most complex.

All too often, budding young artists first try to create with their mind without first becoming an avid observer of the world around them, without first a foundation of understanding visual reality, achieving it on medium will be a task impossible.

I'm sorry that I cannot give a simple explanation that will help turn your picture into a masterpiece, because that is not what art is all about. Like life, art is complex, and the only way to tackle it, is like eating an elephant, one mouthful at a time.

Remember, art is like an answer, but first you must ask the right questions.

- m

idiot box
01 January 2005, 10:51 PM
I definetly understand where your coming from. Four months ago I was drawing stick men. I wanted to draw better so I continually drew the human figure naked to build the memory of how to do it each time. Then I just started adding clothes and armor.

It's crazy I didn't realize your muscles store memories, which it is making it easier to draw better. I also noticed when I look at something now, I tend to break down it's shapes to understand how it would be drawn; Even if im not even drawing. It could be a airplane, mountain or even peopls faces but when I go back to the art book it helps me determine the way I work.

I still have a long way to go, but I think i've made prety good progress in four months. Im trying to go to art school next fall, hopefully I can.

Im going for a realistic fantasy feel. Not to realistic with my work. I'm working on self protraits and realism though to help give personality to my own projects. I sometimes find my self eager to skips steps cause I enjoy it so much, but then realize I shouldnt have. Im learning to take it one step at a time now.

Even though you did not give me any adivce on how to make the picture beter, you sure made an impact on how I look at things.

Thanks for your time.

idiot box
01 January 2005, 11:29 PM
I had some time to work it some more. Blocked in the colors for the boy then I started working on the hair. This is the first time i've done hair, so hopefully im on the right track.
Im going to start working on the face, and the smooth and texture out everything. Any crits please reply.

idiot box
01 January 2005, 07:19 AM
I had some time after work to do smoothin some things out. Just messing around with it since this the first painting im actually really trying to finish. Im going to start with the flesh now then eventualy tighten everything up.

01 January 2005, 11:22 PM
What magic man wrote is right, but I thought I'll add some lines more specific to the image.

I think the biggest problem of your painting is that is looks very 2-dimensional.
Both persons are painted in 90 angle from the side. Especially in the face the nose is exactly the border between the visible and invisible part of it.
Also you painted only one arm of every person, the arm could be hidden behind their body but that pose isnt really realistic, try to paint at least a bit of it.

Her hair got a very strange cut, I guess you wanted to show her face. But shouldn't it have the same length everywhere? It should move around her face and not just stop in front of it.

There seems to be very strong wind affecting the woman, but it seems to not affect the boy at all. His hair and the rose should be affected at least a bit.

You didn't think 3-dimensional enough with the foldings on her skirt either. They should move towards the belt otherwise the skirt looks more like a flag.

Also you could have a look at their skintones, they look too greyish and lifeless.

I hope I could help you a bit with it, don't let it disencourage you. Just keep painting and observing. :D

idiot box
01 January 2005, 02:25 AM
Thanks, I can see what you are talking about, my goal was to have everything flow towards the rose. Have the the boys hair blowing in the same direction and her hair as well. I'll bee adding leaves and fairies around it as well. Im not finished with the hair, your right it does look a bit weird. I do need to add there other arm, a little bit at least, it looks pretty werid on the boy . I havent had a chance to work on the boy yet, im working with the girl first, then i'll move on. As far as her skirt, i'll defiently do that, in the origianl drawign at had more folds, i'll need to add those folds from the belt to make it look better.

Your words are more encouraging then anything. Thanks for taking the time to redirect me towards the right direction.

idiot box
01 January 2005, 12:51 PM
I almost threw this one to the gutter since I didnt feel my drawing was fully done in the first place. But I figure I better not and use this to learn. I took some of your advice and im still working with it. The hair is going to wrap around her hair most kina torn on that one.

01 January 2005, 09:51 PM
i didn't read thru the whole thread, but what software are you using? do you have a tablet?

I would recommend drawing it first over, and then coloring it again. Try blocking in the colors, like REALLY blocking in the colors, don't worry if the colors get everywhere and aren't exactly in the lines, you can fix that later. I have this problem too, where I work too hard in one area without coloring the whole picture first. Trust me, if you color the bg also while doing the characters, you'll be less likely to give up and less likely to do a crappy bg when you've finished your characters. Do you want to work together? I can help you some (when I have the time and patience, which actually is pretty often). My sn on AIM is angelgoo17 and my msn (which I rarely use) is and I live in Texas, so that is US Central Time.

I'm not a pro but hopefully not quite a noob (although that prolly is not true), so it'd be a good learning experience for us both.

I think, that you shouldn't ditch this, but rather, you should start the linework over. Like you said, you haven't fully developed the drawing in the first place. You need a good bg...ppl always forget about their negative space. I'll post a quick paintover later, if you'd like. Some ppl don't like that, so it's all right if you don't wanna. Good luck!

edit: btw, i hope this isn't your actual painting size (i assume you just scaled it down), cuz later on you'll regret it if it isn't larger ;) ;)

01 January 2005, 12:13 AM
pardon my run-ons and lack of capitalization...

a quick sketch of what i think the girl's pose could be like...i know it's all out of proportion and i gave up on the arm and hand, cuz i couldn't figure out how it was supposed to be...i thought if you made her a little less profile'-ly, it would bring some life to the pic. Also I thought if you made her face a little more "high and mighty" (think galadriel from LOTR, tee hee), it would make more sense...

I'm not sure what the story is behind the picture but I thought it was something like this guy met some random fantasy girl in a forest and yeah...also the way you drew her hair doesn't quite make sense, the way it is blowing it would need to be tucked behind an ear or something. Then again, my hair doesn't make sense either. The truth is, that hair doesn't really blow all fancy and stuff, usually it's just some annoying strand whipping you across the face and the rest just stays still.

The great thing is, that cgppl love to draw hair going everywhere on cgchicks, so go visit the cgtalk gallery and look at the amazing crap ppl do. I thought it would be pretty to make it so that her hair was tied a little at the top and it's coming loose...

anyhow I tried to keep to your style and concept, especially with the bottom of her skirt (whose folds you drew very well, btw)

i thought that you could make a fairy ring in the clearing of a forest, since you mentioned fairies previously

your colors need to be a lot bolder, get a camera and stand in the moonlight at night (or just search for a pic i guess...), especially with trees there may be some crazy dappling effects going on that you may want to do...

btw, why is the guy so tiny?? I think it would make sense if she was some goddess or queen or whatever, but it's just sort of weird x.x;;

anyhow, i know my drawing skills are pretty pathetic and reeeeeallly really out of proportion, but i really liked the idea (it actually is very similar to what i'm doing now) so i thought i'd just throw out some crap at you! *runs in circles happily*<~~needs some sleep

And of course, you can always tell me to delete these if you'd like.

my server might not work, so i made a smaller attachment too

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