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09 September 2002, 11:18 AM
Hello guys, I have read alot of good things about redering in passes, but I haven't tried it myself, so I wonder if anyone have some tips on how to start. Or a link where I can find som more info on the subject?

I'm a 3dmaxer if that helps.

09 September 2002, 08:20 PM
Max can render in layers, separating the specular, reflection, diffuse, shadow etc automatically - there is a good explanation in the online help (make sure you pick a file format with an alpha channel!)

Or you can render to a RLA, or RPF file, which has all sorts of layers embedded within it for various post effects (like Depth of Field, motion blur, texture changing, object selection, camera matching etc)

Or you can separate objects by applying the 'matte/shadow' material to objects you dont want to appear in the render, but you still want to reflect, or obscure other visible objects in the scene.

You can also render out masks for creating selections in a post programme very quickly. Just turn off all your lights & give every object a matte black material. Then give the object you want to mask out a 100% self illuminated white material. Render that & you can use the luminance values of these images to select portions of your first render (for doing things like cutting out objects, colour correcting individual objects etc)

Have a look at 'render elements', 'RLA', 'RPF', 'Combustion' & 'Matte/Shadow material' in the help - that will give you more info


09 September 2002, 11:18 AM
Thank you for the help Chris! I will check it out asap . :)

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