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12 December 2004, 09:04 PM
"A new cartoon channel has begun broadcasting Chinese-made toons in Shanghai, China Daily ( reports. The channel joins the ranks of similar broadcasters in Beijing and Hunan provinces."

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12 December 2004, 07:05 AM
I can tell you that no one I know has ever heard of it. Its significance is about the same as a tiny pebble in the vast ocean. BUT, if they can get it on public TV, it might just catch on and do something for the stagnant animation industry in China.

I have talked to no less than a dozen investors and industry people in China regarding their willingness to not only invest in a project, but also care about quality of the end product. Not a single one of them cared about quality--they all said the same thing, which was "As long as it make money, I don't care if it looks like crap." Then I asked, "Don't the Chinese always make bold declarations that they want to beat the Americans and the Japanese in everything they do? What happened to that bold ambition?" Their reply was, "Not my problem. I just want to make money. I don't need to compete against the Americans or the Japanese, I just want to dominate in China."

The most well-known and acclaimed animation in China is something called "Blue Cat." If you've seen it, you'll understand just how bleak the animation industry here is in China. Yet, the people responsible for Blue Cat is swimming in money, because they really don't have to try very hard to be the top dog in China, as everything else is so poorly done that anything that isn't pure trash will rise to the top.

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