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12 December 2004, 10:26 PM
Are you an architecture viz film maker?:D
i'm green at this field:buttrock: .. so i'd love to know more about the technics u'd use to make a quality film of arch viz.....
what renderer do u use? the average time it takes to render a single frame..
for me ... i used mental ray, its a great renderer as it works fine with me... but i fear it takes so much time calculating & rendering:sad: . the thing that makes my clients so nervous sometimes:twisted:
what about ur exteriors? ... i use default scanline with skylight & raytraced shadows, that also takes so much time -sometimes it approaches 20 min for single frame- isnt that much time for a 5000 frame animation?:rolleyes:
.. share your knowledge?!!:bounce:

12 December 2004, 07:12 PM
... Are architects so rare these times?:rolleyes: ... cumon guys,,, doesnt anyone of you make architecture movies?:deal:

12 December 2004, 12:35 PM
this forum is called
cgtalk-Film-Making > Cinematography, editing and Directing!

so I think that you have posted your questions to wrong place!
You'll get more answers if you post to right place (I am sorry for being ass)

answer: 20 minutes is not too much time/frame if you have the time and you can't get as good results witout it! but it sounds quite long if you are in hurry! with optimizing you can get nice results with only 1-5 minutes per frame!

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