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12 December 2004, 10:23 PM

For our movie we would like to do some cool VFX shots, and we want to do some DBZ as well. So for poweringup I would like something like Frodo in LotR when he enters the wraithsworld. In the appendices I saw it was done by shooting fire in high contrast, then using the PS called Sprites to get a sort of fire/wind effect. Iīve got AFTER FX and 3d MAX, does anyone know where I can get some plugins or something for this effect? Thank you.

Also, tips regarding other DBZ effects like energy beams would be greatly appreciated. iīm sure it could be done with keyframing but I donīt know how to, I havenīt really tried After FX that much so far, and rotoscoping it in Photoshop doesnīt seem a very natural way either...


Greets Gotan

12 December 2004, 08:17 AM
There is no short cut/plugin for great special effects, it takes blood, sweat, tears, (how the hell am I going to get this done even thought i know the software backwards and forwards kind of pondering) and many hours of perfection.

You have 3-d Max and Affter Effects! Why would you roto in photoshop if you have after effects?
Start by reading the manuals of the software that you "own" first- learning what they are capable of. Then, you can ask more specific questions about the functioanl aspects of how particle systmes work in 3-D max or after effects work. Simply asking in general, "how do I do the Matrix thing with all those cameras" with X software wont get you any responses from people who know how to do this and do it for a living.

Every body starts from scratch learning VFX techniques in the digital/phyical world and not every filmmaker wants to be married to a particular kind software for 2 years to actualize their idea but you do need understand that this a colabrative business and many people are willing to help. Ask for a tutorial, or ask for someone to actually make it happen with your vision in mind but you have to work at it as you are learning a new trade.

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