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12 December 2004, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone,I just made this as my personal work.
Any C&C are welcomed.:)

Here are the links for files. Large Size 640*480 33.2MB (Sorenson Video 3) Small Size 320*240 12.5M (Sorenson Video 3)

(No sound)
APP:MAYA 6.0 AfterEffects 6.5

Thank you very much.

12 December 2004, 06:13 PM
Well, I was sort of disappointed with the ending. I was beginning to like the little guy. And he "gets it" with no reaction from the other tools. What if the teakettle, instead, I dunno, filled him up with water and popped a teabag in?

In this sort of comedy, I think the teakettle needs to do a lot more "squash and stretch." He needs to be able to turn around partway, then stretch his "neck" (distorting the whole object) to see what hit him. It seems also to me that a teakettle ought to, you know, get a little steamed.

The other players .. the implements hanging on the wall .. became active in the game the moment that they moved. If they're players then you need to give them stage-business to do... reacting to what they see, bouncing (with a little bit of camera-shake) if the teakettle gets (or gives) a big whallop. Showing emotion or reaction of some kind, preferably consistent with the kind of tool they are. But never remaining completely still. If a player goes completely motionless, it looks dead. It would be fun if they were co-conspirators.

I like the movements of the little antagonist ... nice fluid bends and so-on.

As an animation demonstration-piece, reel fodder and so-on, it's very good. All done from one camera-angle but that's okay.

12 December 2004, 08:39 PM
Hi sundialsvc4,thank you very much for detailed crits.:)

I really glad to hear opinions like this,because I felt difficulty with motions of this kind of objects.
They don't have face and hands nor legs.Especially tools hanging down from the wall.(They are hooked so they have very limited motions)

Definitely you are right,the ladle and the mixer are weak in the last part.I shouldn've not stop the motion and they must react something against the little guy.:D

And the steam was the first thing that I thought about the teakettle.First I intended to use the steam for anger expression but as I make motion,I thought that shake and shrink(I'm not sure this is proper expression for this)would be nice for next spin motion so,I didn't use it and used slight movement of head down instead.
(It's might difficult to see but the teakettle's head is going down a little while his shaking with anger.)
I just hit the idea of if the steam come out from the lid while the teakettle gets angry would be nice,or any other usage.

For this sort of commedy,exaggerate expressions are really needed I agree.But the only about teakettle neck,I dare didn't stretch his neck,because I wanted to show his dull character,so first he couldn't look right place that he was hit but different place.

I really wavered about the turner.Actually I make some motion on the turner but I decided to cut any motion of the turner because I settled his character as he's cool so he does no reaction for the things(kind of he is amazed)but he got big misfortune.
But it seems not working well.Anyway I should reconsider about the other players.:buttrock:

And if the tools on the wall were co-conspirators,yes it would be fun,nice idea.:)

I really appreciate all the comments and I'll make good use of these for my future animations.
Again thank you for all the comments and compliments.:)

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