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12 December 2004, 05:04 PM
Hi all, this is my last personal work in 2004.

I dont have the "first impressions" that you have, so help me do bether things in the future.

And im updating my site, Thank you for coments too.

Burnfight 2004:

My (wip) site:

12 December 2004, 10:42 PM
The movie is not bad
Animation is nice in the beginning, but when they're starting to shoot, it gets a little bit unrealistic
I don't really like the music, but that's just personal taste, it fits well with the scene you're trying to create here
good job

12 December 2004, 06:10 AM
looks real nice. i like the main action poses how ever the pace needs to be faster in my opinion.
good job

12 December 2004, 06:52 AM
hi dude!
Man, way to go! Im makin the same kinda movie cause i think fighting games are the BEST!! :)
I love the concept :) your background is nice and i think the models are cool.

Now, what i think you could improve!
First of all, i think the camera is too close, you just get it back bit more or zoom out when characters are far from each other cause it feels like its squeezed..

Second, i find that sometime the fighters specially "the super sayaiin rockstar dude" (:P)
looks like they're animated like a pinochio puppet, as if he is moved frome above, like if he doesnt have weight.. specially at the end

Also, i think you should improve the silouhette of your poses, or get stronger poses for the key moments. Like when the guy gives a jab, get a very explosive jab pose so he looks like a hot hero with a destructive punch! nyways its hard to explain with plain text but anyways..

Last, i think that you should focus on some stuff more than other like if you like to show some solide fighting action, doin that nice background is time consuming and doesnt improve at all the fighting.. but its nice! :) but if you like to show how good your are animating, its better to spend more time to make your animations look the best you can than doin background stuff . (but maybe your background took like 1 day to make but anyways..)
I say this cause it takes time for me to make backgrounds and i dont really like to do them and i also know that

if you work on a combat game , theres no guy that makes all so you should focus on what you like. I think your animation is cool but that is the thing you should work more cause the rest is pretty nice. Watch some japanese anime, draw strong poses and dont say an animation is finished till you like it alot! I dont say your animation sucks but as a big fighting game fan and kungfu movie nerd, i have an eye for that stuff and i think your animations could be really improved on some parts and that would make your movie hotter!!

Im very sorry for that very long post and the "i know it all attitude" but as a guy that made something about a fighting game, i think you deserve my most honnest opinions!

Anyways im very enthusiast with your stuff :)

I hope youll see my own fighting movie so you can criticize it too :D
whatch out for the Shaolin KIIIDD!!!

nyways good work :)

12 December 2004, 01:22 PM
Thank you guys

I agree with all you say. Now i see that i could do something more expressive with a good animation. I always like to plan my work, maybe i could do something really like "Street Fighter movie" for exemple, with same cameras and stuff. I have a lot of scenes here and its very cool and expressive.

Some people say that remembers Killer Instinct, i played a lot this game.

About the background and sound, i always like to improve my work but i could spend more time in animation. For me animation is the most dificult part, some times with no meshes the animation is cool, but when you put the meshes you see a lot of problems, so you have to improve the envelops of bones, poses, movements, etc. It consumes me a lot of time.

I love Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z and i really want to see what you will do.

Maybe i can do a new round with new characters and cenarios ... lets see

12 December 2004, 07:04 PM
Very cool.

I do have a few crits though, ^^ Being a huuuuge fighter fan, the 2 main things I saw were the lack of a "fight pose" which is a pose the character always returns to after a special move. That and the fact that the 2 characters weren't always on the screen...that bothered me. Aside from that, good job on it.


12 December 2004, 09:13 PM
heh, that's fun. :) I enjoyed watching it. And if your looking for a critique... I agree with what KDX said. But from an animation standpoint, try and work on hitting your key poses. Right now, they're somewhat awkyard and off balance. A fighting game is ALL about the key poses.. Also, your timing is constant... Try holding your key poses longer, and speeding up the transitions and action. (ie. hold the punch, swing fast and hard, hold the follow through). Take a look at games like Guilty Gear and Dead or Alive for reference. Otherwise, really fun Killer Instinct spoof.

12 December 2004, 09:52 PM
Thank you all. I have to improve my poses. I did the animation by my self but i think i could do a copy movement of the games... just use a camera to film the game and folow the keys to animate. Thats the correct way because in games we have a lot of references.

Ok, next time i will do in that way - Zoom in camera, low poly models, 3d energy (not 2d in combustion), and another things.

I really want to work with games, so i think this is a litle start for me. Im studing a lot how to build things for games. Lets see in next years... here in Brasil we dont have game industry... i think i will look for exterior jobs, i hope. I dont want just do the things in the correct way (animation, models, etc), i want to pass a feeling for the observer. The integration of the colors...cenario and player...this things sometimes pass unobserved.

I m very satisfied that you enjoy my work, i want to make better works in the future and i know i have to study a lot. Thank you all again and show me your fighting animations too.

I remember a very cool game from 1990. Final Fight !!!... look this image that i did. I hope one day to finish this with all characters and cenarios

And i need to say that i love the linear camera... not 360. Teken 3 have a bonus level in linear camera... very cool ... cya.

12 December 2004, 05:23 AM
yo men i agree with you!
im tryin to do something like final fight - street of rage beat em up style video :D
The problem is i watched some majin buu DBZ action vs Vegitto today and i think my movie sucks :P
but the important thing is to do what you like so ill finish this :)

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