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02 February 2002, 10:04 AM
Ok. Here is a quick sketch of more or less where I am going.

Here's the story..
who says that post apocalyptic beings do not have pets? This quasi-canine lives with a group of dessert nomads. A few items will be added in due time.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

02 February 2002, 10:55 AM
sweet Rev! cant wait to see it!

He needs a weapon though..
maybe a large femur!:D

02 February 2002, 11:15 AM
love it man... not many people think of making pets...
i like the concept .. the eyes will look cool
how are you planning on doing the fur?...

02 February 2002, 09:06 PM
no fur... this is a baldish dog- with a raggy/protective outfit.
I still haven't figured out the paws... shoes... boots... etc.

weapon... a bone? Not bad!

02 February 2002, 10:59 PM
wow ... this is a great idea !

I love the concept :D

I cant wait to see it in 3D

02 February 2002, 09:08 AM
Here's a quick update... I know, something weird happened to the ear, as well as to the neck... dunno what it is. I just gotta go back and smooth it out. More updates Monday... (feedback...please?)

02 February 2002, 10:07 AM
hmm .. hope you will be able to fix that :)

02 February 2002, 09:39 AM
awright.. a quick update. Fixed the neck, ears, and got some goggles going.Much more to do! Updates Tuesday (if work allows...)

02 February 2002, 06:54 PM
For anyone who is familiar with EIAS 2.9... (or anyone else who can help...) - 2 questions.

a)Since I am not using LW or Maya or MAX.. I am forced to model the cloth (rags) that cover the dog. Would you (anyone) model the ragged cloth or model a cloth and simulate the rags with a transparency map???

b) Since this is a modeling challenge... is it fair to use transparency maps for the rags?????

Any takers?

- PS - not much to look at yet, but feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

02 February 2002, 11:23 AM
ok... another little update...

Any feedback? This is my first entry at any challenge... I'd love to know how I'm doing (no ego here... just looking for feedback)

02 February 2002, 11:30 AM
umm.. looks like he's covered in poop... you should make that material a lambert.. or something not shinny... other wize it will look like poop...

appart fromt that the model is looking good.. i think that should be enough detail if its going to be coverd in rags..

02 February 2002, 08:30 AM
ok,ok,ok... no more poop (I hope).
here's a small update. I just added the rags on the back.

one favor though.... please don't let it go all the way to the 5th page without feedback... this is my first model submitted and I'm dying for some specific feedback. Thanks folks!


02 February 2002, 02:59 AM
...'cmon! Feedback! Is it that bad????? That plain???

02 February 2002, 09:18 AM
ok... one more chance for feedback.

'cmon. be bold. No ego here! fire away!!!!!!

anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

02 February 2002, 10:40 AM
No its Feris Beuller's day off :D
First before adding any more to your model, do a nice deatiled sketch of where you want to end up. What sems ot be missing is attidude (yeah I know its hard to put in) Think about how the hell he got the cloth on, and what it was origianlly, and how it will contour to his body how flexible the fabric is , how willit clump up etc. Some nice ref/ studies would defintly help for the cloth. As it is, it lookes like the cloth is kinda skin tight around the head and strips on the body.
-About the dog himself give em some legs first! And a jaw. and certainly a tail (its like a mouth in expressions for dogs :D) so you can contour the cloth around them.

Hope that gives you somthing to work on :D :D

see you,


02 February 2002, 08:57 AM
ok... after a few modifications this is what I eneded up with. don't know where it'll go from here, but I did away with the pseudo-cloth and added some sort of armour. I added legs and a tail...

and did away with the mask... at least for now.

What do you think????


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