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09 September 2002, 11:17 AM
... has anyone here got/used them?
If so, have any of you guys also experienced EXTREMELY slow rendering times when using them??
Any tips on speeding them up?
There are a couple of really cool ones, but the time that they are taking to render is just ridiculous.... :surprised

09 September 2002, 11:31 AM
Yes Yes,

I too have them, i've only been able to get some of the shaders working, but yes a render time increase is noticeable.

Dunno what to do about it.

Lizard Head
09 September 2002, 06:01 PM
Thier Proceduals have always been a bit slow, More so since LW 5.6,, They used to make a convertor that would output the procedual based on a models UV's in LW and that would generate an image map that one could just apply to the model, heck of alot faster than using the proceduals,, but I dont see it at thier site just now

Also many do not know that one can use weight maps to control proceduals in LW here is a great tutorial on that matter a must for controling Proceduals


Rabid pitbull
09 September 2002, 07:25 AM
maybe consider using the baker to make a image. i did this on a plane and made a few textures this way sort of slow, but the result yield much faster renders.

09 September 2002, 10:35 AM
darktrees are great for making base textures,
bake them,
then paint further details

09 September 2002, 12:33 PM
I worked with a guy that could duplicate any texture with was scary....that program is very powerful in the right hands....

He had it down to make a spinning fan with a steel grate over it....weird....

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