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12 December 2004, 07:43 PM
Hey Y'all
This is my first attempt at animating a walk cycle, I'm looking for some advice for some advice on how to make it more realistic, and fluid. The two big problems I see with it thus far are a) His legs are really stiff b) he dosen't appear to be putting his full weight down. Any advice would be great, please feel free to be brutal best way to learn.

~ Huey

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12 December 2004, 11:29 PM
kinda looks like he just ate some bad taco bell food and is holding it in while walking around in his apartment :)

guess the arms are good as they are, what you should take a look at is the hip..
you sort of have it "inverted". for example, when he puts his left leg infront, the hip is tilted down rather than up..and its tilted up on his right leg which is behind him, when it should rather be down :)
and the passing possition isnt the best..I mean, when his (for example again) left leg is going forward, try rotating and moving it up a bit when it has reached half way to the front sort of speak :)
also rotate the foot a bit before leaving the ground..

btw, in the passing possition (when the left leg is infront, and the right is in the back, is called a extreme..when they are in the middle of changing possition, is the passing possition :)) move the hip up aswell as the leg, so that he moves his weight up, and then puts it down on the step.. :)
and maybe you didnt notice, but when his hip is tilted in one direction, his shoulders are tilted the other way, that is totally correct, nice one :)


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