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12 December 2004, 07:15 PM
I thought this one would be kind'a fun to do, seeing as my real name's Vlad :D Will post concepts soon :)

12 December 2004, 06:08 PM
as promised, a concept....

This is a 5 minute sketch, and I plan to make a more detailed one

Age: 60's
Weapon: Giant Cleaver, as well as a wooden stake
Background Story: Vlad The Impaler has been on the throne of Walachia for years. On one attempt, the Turks assembled an army to liberate Walachia of his control. Vlad impaled 20,000 Turkish soldiers on wooden stakes, and the oncoming army fled from the abominical sight. Radu, Vlad's brother, now a Turkish supporter was given his own army to invade Walachia... And that he did, with the success of the invasion, Radu and his troops raided Dracula's castle- Though Vlad Dracula escaped with the help of the very few villagers he had not yet impaled. He fled Walachia and reported to a prince for help- instead, he was taken prisoner and put into a tower for several years. Inside his prison, he impaled bugs and rats... His allergy to blood pasted his skin a ghostly pale... Vlad's been released, and he's out for revenge...
appearence: Wears a bloodstained cloak with a rusted bloodstain platemail, black hair with strands of gray.

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