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toto poto
12 December 2004, 03:29 PM
i am new to xsi and i have this annoying problem which i try to solve for some time now - without success. i have my model (fully enveloped and everything) and my default position.
i accidently keyed some frames which i deleted afterwards. but everytime i load my project or move the timeline my character jumps to the keyed position which is not the default one. if i deactivate the tracks in the dopesheet everything is fine and the character is in the correct default postion. but when i reactivate the empty(!) dopesheet-tracks my character jumps to the once keyed postion. but there are no is like xsi has stored the information somewhere. but where ? how can i delete anything that was ever keyed ?
the mixer is empty, too. i am sure this is a newbie question and maybe i am too stupid to read the manual, but i canīt find the answer. can anybody help, please ?

12 December 2004, 04:44 PM
Well, here's a bit of a checklist for figuring out what's making it move.

Select the object -

ctrl-K to bring up it's local kinematics ppg. Any fcurve, expression, or mixer animation on the parameters will be obvious because the animation diviot beside the parameter will have an icon other than a green dot. If that's all clear...

Open an explorer and press 'e' to isolate it to your object(refresh if necessary). Expand the kinematics properties - if there is a constraint on the object, a Constraints folder will be present, otherwise you're fine. (You could also look up your Global Transform - constraints will also alter the animation divot)

What I'm guessing may have happened is that you saved a key that included fk and ik and you've only removed the keys from one or the other. This can happen if you use the default rigs + synoptic pages.

toto poto
12 December 2004, 07:09 PM
thank you ablefish !
yes, there where some of those green squares that needed to be fixed. i keyed a lot of objects that werenīt supposed to be keyed. i guess now is really the time for me to learn about the animation-features of xsi :)

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