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12 December 2004, 10:12 PM
Hello all. This is first attempt at completing a character modeling. Below is the rough story I'm starting with, will post some sketches soon. Comments and suggestions are certainly welcome.

Margaret Thatcher (reanimated)

England 2063: A new mutant strain of the mad cow has begun to consume most of the UK. Quickly London, and most of England falls prey to overwhelming armies of mutated blood thirsty cows hell-bent on grazing on human flesh. Soon after the European market collapses as all hope is lost for the military to stop the cows relentless onslaught. Anarchy ignites and spreads like a wild fire into Northern Europe, all seems lost.

At the last remaining military outpost in England a band of scientists franticly strive to revive the UK's greatest heroes in a last ditch effort to save Europe. After several failed attempts to reanimate Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II the scientist turn to the corpse of "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher to aid England in its greatest hour of need. Bioniclly enhanced and filled with a bezerker rage for political, social and economic reform, Reanimated Margaret Thatcher sets forth in sensible business attire and armed with a oversized battle axe and to restore order to the British Empire......

12 December 2004, 01:09 AM
Sketches not going so well, character is quite dull and to cartoonish. I am having trouble attaching the sketches hope this works, but i'm guessing its not. Regardless I am dropping Margaret and switching to Napoleon unless anyone feels otherwise.

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