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12 December 2004, 08:12 PM
I am haveing a problem for a long time

and it start to driveing me crazy.

Here is a problem:)

I have render a scene in maya in his

passes. The output is color,difuse and

shadow. I want to make my shadows a

darker. How can I do that?
I have try with reorder node and

bightness but nothing. Is this a right

way our I do totaly wrong?
please help

12 December 2004, 11:23 PM
one word : expand !

use the expand node to boost the alpha of your shadow pass !

have a look at this tut :

12 December 2004, 10:09 AM
wow man, thanks a lot! this is what I was looking:) Is there any other tutorial like this one?
I am new in pass rendering. I saw that hi has use MentalRay for rendering in passes. I am more intrested in maya render, but what I have see from render globals it pritty you have any tips in rendering in layers?

Once again, thank you very much!!!

12 December 2004, 11:48 PM
You're welcome.

When I wrote the tut I was using both mental ray and maya software. Depending on the project I will still use maya software renderer a lot.

I NEVER USE the 'RENDER LAYERS' functions in either renderer.

render layers are very problematic (no alpha for specular pass, diffuse pass is dodgy, only 4 types of pass :( ......

test I have done I have found them to be up to 3 times slower than rendering speperate passes in seperate scenes ! People on highend claimed that in their tests they were up to 4 times slower !

I reccomend that you make a base file for your scene and then create seperate files for each pass. It is a little bit more work but definately worth it !

I am hoping to write a lot more tutorials soon so maybe I can try and include some of this stuff too !

12 December 2004, 09:33 AM
thanks man again, so you did a tutorial cool. Hope you will make:))

So to do in separate scenes, hm......ok I will try that. What is the best way to make a shadow pass. I saw you make your shadow to be green and red, how did you make that?

12 December 2004, 11:36 PM
Thanks I am glad you enjoyed the tutorials.

What is the best way to make a shadow pass.
for the object that will recieve the shadow
use background shader and set:

reflectivity to 0
refelction limit to 0
speculat colour to 0

the RGB image will appear black but the shadow will be in the alpha.

for objects casting shadows

-select all the objects you want to cast shadows and go to window => general editors => attribute spread sheet .
-go to the render tab.
-Here you can turn off the primary visibility of for all your objects. This will make them not render but there shadow/reflection will still show up !

the coloured shadow trick !

I posted a thread about this a while back on the maya rendering forum. If you can be bothered doing a search threads I stated you will find a description of how I did it !

12 December 2004, 09:21 AM
thanks man I will try it right now:)

what is the most harder pass to make?

is there realy point in rendering a color pass if we already have difuse?

12 December 2004, 11:01 PM
is there realy point in rendering a color pass if we already have difuse?
it all about control. having a diffuse/ambient pass and a sepsertate colour pass jsut gives you more control over the look in 2d.

what is the most harder pass to make? the coloured shadow pass is the hardest. I dont really think it is necessary in all circumstnaces but its good for a laugh !

12 December 2004, 09:40 AM
I am useing Shake 2.5 and soon will go on 3.5,is there a big difrence?

Oh man rendering in pass is big work you need to plan very well before rendering it:(

Did you watch movie MultiPass Rendering in Maya?

12 December 2004, 01:18 AM
pretty similar 2.5 - 3.5 but more features in 3.5 including warper.

Did you watch movie MultiPass Rendering in Maya?No I have never scene this video have you got a link ?

12 December 2004, 09:21 AM
no man, I am loooking too:)

in shake 3.5 did they fix working with keys on mask?in 2.5 the keys that you apply on mask can't be see graph editor...

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