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Just .inc
12-10-2004, 05:50 AM
Hey all this most likely belongs in another forum but Iíll try here anyhow. Iím building a new workstation and Iím fairly new to this hardware for a workstation business (I can build a game machine easy but making something for work seems like a world of different)ÖAnyways, I have 3gs CAN to work with and Iím starting bare bones. I need a machine for animating with XSI 4.0, Iím looking for solid 30 fr/sec RT playback for animating and Iíd like to use it as a rendering machine as well which means something that wont sputter and crawl through frame after GI, FG, HDRI, Multi pass, Motion blur (an animators smugger), advanced lit, advanced textured frame. If you get what Iím trying to say. In other words Iíd like a machine that will render at a reasonable pace as well. I realize the ASUS SLI motherboard is out and Iíve been considering it but honestly I have no clue how it would truly help my system speed. I need to know the best machine I can scrounge for 3gs CAN (Including mouse, keyboard and two 19ĒCRT monitors. Excluding sound card (Iíve got an extra) and any software). Any suggestions?

Thanks galor ladies and gents, look forward to hearing from you.

12-10-2004, 03:35 PM
- Since you want to use XSI, Have a look at the "Hardware Certification" on the Softimage site.
- Pay close attention to the graphics card section

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