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08 August 2002, 03:05 AM
15 minute sci fi movie done in messiah 1.5.7 and LW 6.5b
(just to be clear - this is *NOT* my work)

Link from the Yahoo! Messiah group:

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08 August 2002, 03:18 AM
Sugoi!! (dakedo kimochi warui!)

pretty kewl too...

08 August 2002, 04:16 AM
Just friggin' incredible! :eek:

It's like "The Thing" meets "Aliens". And for once, an actual smart person in a horror flick! hahaha (dont' wanna ruin it too much)

I wish it were feature length.

I gonna watch it again!

08 August 2002, 04:52 AM
Pretty cool....there were things I didn't like about it but overall I'd have to say ....Bad A$$ !

08 August 2002, 02:10 PM
Pretty good for a one man production doing everythang with the excception of the audio.

08 August 2002, 03:32 PM
Very nice stuff. Absolutely brilljant. Gives me some hope in that it truly is possible for an individual to make stuff that can hold it's own with the big boys.


09 September 2002, 04:12 PM
wow, very nice stuff, hope my monster movie turns out half that good. :)

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