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12 December 2004, 06:33 PM
I have placed 2 joints for shoulder movement(z axis pointing down the joint). 1 at the anitomically correct place for x,y rotation and 1 joint about 1/3 distance towards the elbow for z rotation. I found this works well for deformation issues. Then I created a whole mess of blendshapes to go with all these rotations(and all others in the character).

I now cannot drive those joints with an ik controller or even with an fk controller(these having x,y,z pivots at the anitomical location).

btw- I connect the appropriate axis' to each the controller(ik joints) and the joint(deformation) via conection editor or sdk.

When using an ik controller there needs to be a single pivot of x,y,z for pole vector reasons. Seemingly a similar issue with fk controller.

So now I think all I can do is only control via fk with 2 separate controllers / 1 for each joint(deformation).

Is their any specail fix for this? Trick? Something?
I've seen this technique that I'm doing before and thought "good idea" and then thought "they must know how to cntrol this setup with ik/fk".

Sorry for being long winded but I'm at work and my file is at home. So I can't upload anything(right now).


12 December 2004, 02:41 PM
Is this what you mean? -

Since this tutorial uses a 2-arm setup similar to the ik/fk switch, using ik with this type of shoulder setup should be relatively simple.

Hope this helps!

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