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View Full Version : where is the si3d turntable for the view settings in xsi?

12-09-2004, 02:54 AM
where is the si3d turntable for the view settings in xsi?

12-09-2004, 05:42 PM
There are none but you can load Kim's script (Not sure if it works for 4.2)

http://www.edharriss.com/XSIscripts/images/scripts_turntable.jpg (http://www.edharriss.com/XSIscripts/Turntable_zip) Turntable Script (http://www.edharriss.com/XSIscripts/Turntable_zip) - by Kim Aldis (Kim@Aldis.org.uk) - Website (http://www.aldis.org.uk/) - Turntable view simulator script. This works like the Turntable function found in SOFTIMAGE|3D. Uses an ortho camera as a turntable equivalent. Use the null 'Mover', translating in x to spin the turntable. The rotation expression is Mover.x * 45 so use snapping (<ctrl> key) with a value of one to spin the turntable view in increments of 45 degrees. Alter the 45 arg in setexpr() on the last but one line to change this granularity.

Drag and drop this link from a netview browser within XSI 1.5 to install:
TURNTABLE (http://www.edharriss.com/XSIscripts/Turntable.vbs)

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