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12 December 2004, 08:54 PM
Hi all, I posted this in the "max" section but my reguest is not app specific so im hoping this section might prove to provide some help as well.

I'm in desperate need of reference images for modern military equipment. humv's jeeps, M1 Abrams warthogs etc. Models are to be used in first response training environments.

also looking for other first response vehicles/reference images, police cars, fire engines ambulances. etc..

I could spend the next 2 days running around town to take photos of these items but was hoping possibly that some members may have a few good links. Most images I'm finding right now are not quite adequate for use as reference. i.e. limited angles, no sectional close ups, poor lighting (hidden details) etc.

I've got appointments with a military base to be escorted around while I take photos, as well as with a few local gunshops but the soonest I get in is next week and I need to get moving on some of these models ASAP.

so any and everything that anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance
Aka Razz

12 December 2004, 09:31 PM
To save others the time of responding I missed the Blueprints and Other Resources ( sticky which has allot of what imp looking for it seems. I knew it was here somewhere but wasn't sure which section it was located in...

Any other links not listed in that section would still be appreciated of course. But I think I got what I need.

Thnkx again

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