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12 December 2004, 08:10 PM
Description: Pocahontas was an Indian princess, the daughter of Powhatan. She was born around 1595 to one of Powhatan's many wives. They named her Matoaka, though she is better known as Pocahontas, which means "Little Wanton," playful, frolicsome little girl.

This will be the playful girl that fights the Englishmen so the tribe can live in peace once again.

Character: Pocahontas

Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Spear + Hunting Bow
Fighting Style: Rogue style
Mount: White Wolf


Not exactly the innocent girl Im going for but still, an indian girl.

Princess Monoke - a lot of likness to my character.

Another fightning character that rides on a wolf.

12 December 2004, 03:10 PM
Im going to spend about 10k on the girl and 5k on the wolf. About a 1/4 on the head. With enough details to express angry emotions.

Here is a boring grey wip, just for showning that I have begun.

12 December 2004, 01:31 PM
Im working on the braids and I cant get them right. Must be the most complicated thing you can do in 3d.

If anybody hear my calling for help, then show me a tutorial. In the meanwhile I will countinue struggling.

12 December 2004, 08:04 PM
a new wip. This time is on the wolf. I got angry with me not solving the braids. So I jumped to the other part. Another thing that is keeping me to continue with the girl is that I havent decided how she is dressed. I havent decided yet either the wolf should get some cloth or not. I am currently thinking about keeping him clean, like in mononoke. Thats about it for now

( The guy is just an innocent shaman. )

12 December 2004, 05:21 AM
the wolf seems to have pretty good form and flow right now (though im no expert), i think that adding a slight cartoony or unrealistic variety to the wolf (similar to the wolves in the 2d fighter) may help build its character a bit more. i also think that making the wolf oversized and giving pochahontas an ornate (leather and feathers, flowers) saddle would look nice and would also use up some polys and add more colour.

12 December 2004, 07:31 AM
My hosting server is down. Dont know for how long. 20/12

Good tips conundrum. I havent decided what the wolf will wear yet. I think it will be warpainted and have a blanket. I have the ground model, now adding stuff.

+ It will have a lot of alpha sprites that will be the fur. Tips on how to UVmap the body.
I think the best way is to map body to sprite stop, little gap then body to sprite stop. So you dont get the seam from the body and sprite.

I will experiment with the wolfs form.

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