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08 August 2002, 05:31 AM

Here is a problem which hasn't really pissed me off until now.

I run XSI 2.01 but I have two monitors which are at diffrent resolutions.

Main monitor > 1600x1200 which I do all my work on.
Second monitor > 1024x768 which I do email and the like.

When I run XSI, it loads up across both monitors but I'd like it to maximise only on my main monitor without it maximising across to the second monitor.

Anyone had the same problem? Any solutions?

08 August 2002, 09:28 AM
I think that you must have the same resolution on each monitors, but I know that XSI work fine in 1280x1024.

08 August 2002, 04:22 AM
Sad to say that both of your monitor's resolution must be at min. of 1280*1024 :)

08 August 2002, 07:03 PM
I believe Monkey_Majick is already running xsi successfully with one monitor at less than 1280x1024. It is possible to run xsi in single or dual 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960 etc. with custom layouts, and possible to run with different rez on each such as the sizes he listed except with dual cards ogl won't be on both monitors.

Monkey_Majick, I guess your issue is that you have to manually resize xsi to the single montior after starting it. I'm sorry I am unaware of a way to force xsi to maximize to a single window while in dual mode like photoshop and others do. I don't consider it too much of a problem and just manually resize it.

If one of your issues is that in dual mode xsi does not offer layouts for single view then reboot in single view save the layout as an addon and after starting up again in dual reload the layout addon you saved. Or you could easily make your own custom one or download one of the ones off highend or netview.

08 August 2002, 09:14 PM
I have the same problem/annoyance. I figured it was a problem with not good enough dual head drivers/program from Nvidia. That and I believe that although my card does dual monitors it doesn't have dual ramdacs and so maybe that was the reason I can't have two distinct desktops available. For instance, I really wanted to watch a dvd one and work on the other, or something similar.


08 August 2002, 10:34 PM
I have two processors on my 3dlabs gvx420 and still same thing.
Maybe its an NT or driver thing as seen as one large screen compared to two seperate ones. xp handles multi monitors differently does it work there?

09 September 2002, 03:47 AM
I truthfully haven't tried it in awhile as I got fed up with it not working how I invisioned it to work. I tried downloaded Ultramon which was from other sites I read a really good program for using dual monitors but it still didn't work for me. So I gave up and have two monitors but running from two computer :) One is my render station the other my modeling station. Not really the elegant solution to my problem but it works for now.

I downloaded the newest, 40.41 I think it was, nVidia drivers and maybe I'll try them this weekend as they have info about them making nView 2.0 in them as opposed to the earlier 1.0. I'll let you know if I have a break through.


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