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12 December 2004, 02:44 PM
I am not getting good results using the magic daemon to morph a basic cube object into another basic object. My goal is, perfect cube is floating in mid-air above a simple ground plane. Cube melts into falling water particles, bounces off the ground plane, then magic/morphs into the new object (ie. a hammer). Total time: 3 - 4 seconds.

Problem one: Using the fill-object emitter, particle shape is shaky/unstable. I want it to remain perfectly still with a slight rotation around the Y-axis.

Problem two: Not happy with how it bounces off the ground plane. In the clip below, I keyframed the gravity daemon to turn off when particles hit the ground so that the particles bounce higher. (ie. using repulsion effect by -50 = Sticky, 0 = Bounce for ground plane obj).

Problem three: Once magic daemon keyframed to start right after particles bounce up, the particles do not cover the entire object (ie. a hammer) and dance around (I will turn off Random.)

Simulations run very slow. Any ideas on speeding this up?
Should I use Object-Face Emitter with/without UV Mapping? I will make another post on the UV Mapping subject. I can write down all the parameter settings but that woud take forever. Just hoping someone can tell me if I am headed in the right/wrong direction. Thanks.

PS: I would post this at but their site won't let me log-in.

12 December 2004, 06:20 PM
I was able to log-in to discussion from another machine running IE, I was trying from Safari before, no luck.

So I will direct my questions there concerning RealFlow from now on.

I did make some progress. Key thing was under the Scene Tree to make sure the magic target object was located under the Fluid node.

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