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12 December 2004, 05:42 PM
Hi there everybody,

I'm having trouble setting up a seemingly simple "if/else" conditional expression.
I would like to have it so that when a value in one node exceeds or comes under a certain value, another value in another node toggles between two given values.
For example, I want the "right" value in a SetDOD node to be 360 (and NO other value)when the "rotateY" value in a Move3D node is positive (>0) and when this is negative (<0, doh),
I want the SetDOD.right to be set to zero.
Now the manual says the proper syntax would be "expr1?expr2:expr3" which means as much as "If expr1 is true (non-zero), then do expr2, else do expr3".
Thus, in my case, my expression in the "right" field would be "Move3D1.yRotate>0?360:0"
Now wouldn't it? No it doesn't. I've tried (obviously) a couple of other weird self-made syntaxes to see if anything might work, but no results and now it's driving me crazy (you know the feeling...)
I'm clearly missing out on somepin' here I guess...any tips would be greatly appreciated...
Oh and please don't ask what I need it for, that's part of an even LONGER story so you'll very probably hear about that later :-)

thnx in advance folks and happy compin'...


"Nothing Succeeds Like Excess"

12 December 2004, 12:43 AM
Okay sorry dudes & dudettes.....figured it out already...of course there is no such thing as a "yRotate" (I know FFI too; why isn't there just ONE piece of software??) field in the Move3D's called "yAngle" of course....
Knew it had to do something with me being stupid!

Anyway, no responses up until know, but for those of you who just might have been fiddling around with it before responding, thanx anyway and my apologies for wasting your precious and valuable time if the issue had been driving you crazy too :-) !!!

later folks,
"Nothing Succeeds Like Excess"

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