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12-01-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi guys and gals,

I hardly post here, because my 3D skills are not worthy wasting your time but now I need some advice and critque. I have a little snowfall sequence that is composed onto real footage plus particle-based end titles.

There are two opposing opinions regarding the titles: I (the director/editor/VFX-person) really like them because they look exactly how I imagined them in the first place. My producer/soundeditor hates them and says they look like some cheap snow-title-plug-in and wants me to replace them with really unfancy Hollywood-approved scrolliing text.

I did them with MAX 7.

Any second opinion would be welcome, because one of us will have to give in!

Here is the whole clip (20mb xvid): (

PS: I posted in WIP, because the whole film still needs some touching up.

12-01-2004, 07:22 PM
Looks like an interesting piece you're putting together. I like the titles - if the movement matched up to the music, you've got a nice stylised piece. Scrolling text is DULL, DULL, DULL - make it a little interesting for the audience, I say. I'm with you all the way on that one.

As for the composition with the snow, the snow itself seems flat and tacked onto the scene. I think you need to try to emulate the lighting within the scene a bit more. Also as there's no wind in the actual scene, I think you could slow down the snowfall some. Try to use some references. It might help to let the snow land and blow around on the ground by creating a plane with a rotation matching that of the pavement in the video. As you have a flat surface, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Maybe if you describe what you're doing in more detail. It might help to know how the lighting was setup during filming. Still, nice work.

12-01-2004, 10:13 PM

Thanks for the kind words!

I think most of the "tucked on" look comes from my mistake to set the snowflake material opacity to 100%. What I did in max was roughly (VERY VERY ROUGHLY) rebuild the floor, persons and car to have the snow actually fly around them. I tried to match the lighting as good as possible from my memory of the shoot but I found 3D lighting to be very different from the real lights setup. Since I was working with camera facing particles I had to put the 3D light in different places from the real light and did not always match it very good. And having the snow land on the floor.. very very diffiicult and mysteious to me.. so I made it more swirrling around - looks a little odd, but I use it as excuse for "why ist there no snow on the floor?". :-)

But I am glad the end credits seem to be okay! After all, I had to do all of this from scratch in 30 days with hardly any idea of MAX before that - with a demo version which has expired in the meantime... so I am more or less stuck with what I have. Everything else has to be fixed in the final composition.

Cheers, Peter

12-01-2004, 10:20 PM
You deserve a reward. 30 days with hardly any idea of Max?! And I thought the titles were more than OK. I really think they're good and fit with the atmosphere of the intro. And don't put your 3D skills down, you should stick with it. And take anything I say with a grain of salt, I'm no expert.

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