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02 February 2002, 08:40 PM
Here we go
Little sketch
and 2 rendered body I did yesterday

about a hunter living in a deserted area
this one is a very first sketch, lots of thing will change, but, hey that's the wip it is for !

Anyway She he hunting for her familly, or for her tribe
time have changed since the last cataclysm, but earth is now a life-less hot junkyard , the last human beeing evolved into somthing more natural in terms of physical capabilites ... (she can run, see, smell like them)
They are using some hightech stuff ... but not now, cause still not pop up off my head

So she will be wearing a nice hunting suit, a nice and silenced sniper gun or something, low distance weapons and I'll cut off her hair : not really designed for hunting, just kidding with my friend photoshop...

I really like the concept of camouflage skin don't you ?

For the guidelines
ahem ...
the mask is comming,
special suit like a camouflage skin ? :)
eyeprotection will come later !

02 February 2002, 07:18 PM
nice hair ;) really like the style of the second sketch.
about the 3d model, maybe a bit early for that crit, but her feet look a tad clumsy.

you said that she is using a sniper gun (amongst other weapons), isn't that to techy for her looks? and about the "camouflage skin", she looks more like a cross over with a leopard to me =)

sorry for the puns :)
but really, it looks promising. looking forward how the cloths turn out. keep it up!

02 February 2002, 07:35 PM
oh damn a reply !
there is life downthere, behind the front page :)

well ... this character is definitivly a mix with a leopard/chettah
modified DNA give her black spot and orange skin thats the way I see the "protective clothing" instead of a big leather suit

I still not know exactly how she will look like ... its so hard !

about the sniper gun, and other tech stuff ... I really want to mix these with this tribal style ... as if tribes on earth were using old "pre-ap" props

For her feet .. she is a bit fat after all ...but you will see nice adidas lighweight boots ... :)

And already know that clothes are to most difficult part of this character ...

02 February 2002, 03:44 AM
she deserves alot of freedom (clothing wise)
PA radiation kills anyway, so it would be a shame
if her lower back area would be covered through
useless protective underwear. haha.

really like the proportions sofar. Shes a tiger.


P.S: no sexual harrasment intended, its pure curiosity.

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