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11 November 2004, 03:40 AM
I'm doing a group project and i'm trying to create a base environment within which each person in the group can do a short character animation. Since the emphasis of the project is on the character animationl, the environment is incredibly simple, just a floor and a back wall (just two 2 quads), with no texture maps just a base grey colour. It would be nice to get some decent lighting and rendering settings though.

The problem is that some members of the group are using Max and some are using XSI, so i'm trying to find a way of Importing/Exporting or otherwise transferring the scene from one to the other, yet keeping the lighting and camera positions and settings. Since Max and XSI both use Mental Ray, the whole point is to render it out so that when we put it all together we can go from one frame in Max to the next frame in XSI and not notice the difference in the scene.

So the question is whether anyone knows of any good import/export solutions, or other ways of getting a scene from XSI to Max, or the other way around and having lighting camera and rendering positions and settings be such that they look the same when rendered out?

Any suggestions will be greatly recieved.

EDIT - Oh and i've tried FBX but for some reason it's not keeping camera or light positions (or settings from the looks of it).

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