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08 August 2002, 06:53 AM
Ok well a few questions on my new composite.
1. I am trying to find an underwater sound effect... like the sound of being in a pool underwater with just the ambient noise coming from the out of the water? Get the idea i am trying to go after? If not ask i'll trys and explain better.

2. I am trying to find either a tutorial on how to do it in 3d or a real water drop effect. What I am looking for is a flat pool of water(just the water in the scene nothing else) and a single drop of water comes in to the scene to hit the pool and cause a big droplet to bounce up from the center and then resettle to the original flat surface. I have seen what I wanted in another shot.... I have included a few shots of it below. But I can't find a resource on the web to get this effect.
.shot1 (
.shot2 (
.shot3 (
.shot4 (

3. Last if you notice in the shots it has two cool things in shot 4. It gradually turns from cool blue to fire red. I would assume they did that with a color fade or something like that? And the text that is a cool effect for the text. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to get that? The text also moves around on the scene like it is shaking. If I could get a quick run down on that to. I will ul the whole 6 meg movie and provide a link when i do so that u can better understand what i am talking about
.movie (

Well that is pretty much all the questions I have. I know I asked a lot but i figured one long post rather than a bunch of little ones. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Tom G

09 September 2002, 12:26 AM
2. try

3. for the color effect use Hue and Saturation effect - with colorize turned on. for the text just move the text layer a little every one or two frames(turn on motion blur for extra effect). Or if your using the latest AE there is a jitter effect(look in the manual)

09 September 2002, 12:49 AM
thanks for the reply ratbaggy. i will check that all out.

Ian Jones
09 September 2002, 05:48 AM
The sound you are looking for, can you elaborate a little bit more?

I'm totally new to AE, but I know a little about sound and some of the technicalities of processing so I'll try and give you a workable solution. Here goes...

Sound underwater is a limited and muffled range of frequency's. Upper frequency's and high mid range tones are reduced and don't travel well, at least not from my experience dunking my head underwater when someone is talking to me. You need to get your audio and cut the upper frequenc'ys siginificantly.

Use a Lowpass filter for the audio:

Say you had some music and you wanted it to sound like it was underwater.

goto: Effects > Audio > High-Low Pass

Set it to Low pass, frequency I would suggest would be about 600, adjust it to taste. As the name implies the Lowpass filter allows the frequency's lower than the cutoff frequency value, in this case 600 to pass through, whilst any above are blocked. The dry out is the original unprocessed sound volume level, set to default 0. Leave it at 0 because we only want our processed 'wet' signal to have volume.

Now that we have this sound it should be pretty good, but you may want to do one more thing to it. Reverb.

Reverb is 'reverberation'. Think about singing in the shower, the hard tiled surface of a bathroom lets sound bounce and 'reverberate' and so ppl like singing in the shower! :p

We'll use this effect to make our sound 'spacey' and simulate a bit of interference you would get from the water and any ripples or waves afffecting the sound. This will also put the sound into the background and muddy it up a little. Just what we want to make it sound as if its underwater.

Effects > Audio > Reverb

Leave all the settings as default except for the dry out and wet out. Adjust the dry out to 80 and the wet out to 20. Basically we are keeping the balance of 80 + 20 = 100. So if you want to muddy up the sound even more increase the wet out and decrease the dry out proportionately to make it equal 100.

Now you should have a sound that will be hopefully just like you wanted.

I tested it myself so it should come fairly close.

Hope that helps.

09 September 2002, 08:50 PM
thats a realy good explanation Ian Jones. thx a lot

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