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11 November 2004, 09:48 AM
Hi cgtalkers
this is actually my first post on this awesome forum
i tried to create a head which of course looks good and realistic and does also ve a clean and anatomically correct mesh that gives me the opportunity to animate or pose every facial expression thats possible...
i need you to improve this head... i reached my border :-/ (http://%3ca%20href=/)

11 November 2004, 12:13 AM
1) it is a general good practice to get rid of all triangles and 5-sided polygons. i notice a couple 5-sided's and a WACK LOAD of tri's in there. while it may not be a problem right now, when you go to animate him, you will hate life.. tri's and 5-sided's create some very unpredictable results when rendered.. it's just better to try and do without them.

2) i like the edge loops around the mouth, but to get some good deformation in that area, you will also need to have an edge loop or two going from under the mouth to around the lower nose.. just take a gander in the mirror and you will notice where your laugh lines go from the corner of your mouth to behind your nose-hole area (brain fart!!is there a name for that area??). and in order to get those sort of lines when your model smiles, you will definitely need an edge loop around that area.

3) also work on the edge loops around the eye area. i notice you have one complete circle around that area, but it might be good to have 1 or 2 more.. good for squinty eye motions! :)

4) overall i'm very impressed with the proportions of everything! if you are able to fix the edge loops and tri's and stuff, this would be a VERY impressive model.

11 November 2004, 02:16 PM
first of all thank you very much allaei!

i dont know why i cannot add an image to my posts so... heres the link to the improved mesh

theres now smoothed version because i didn ve a lot of time so the result would be a bit wrinkly therfore only a wire. the triangles at the back of the head and the throat are caused by the small amount of time...

there are still five 5edge polys at the mouth, forhead, nose still offer resistence... dont know how to remove them or do we grant asylum ;)
the egdeloops around the eye have been in a snail-shell style but i fixed that too...
in the region around the alar wing of the nose i am quite not sure what would be better. leading the polys towards the forehead or create some sort of "circle ( around the mouth and over the bridge)"
what would be the better solution??


11 November 2004, 04:20 PM
wow! the edge loops are 10 times better! you'll definitely have an easier time of facial animation with the way everything flows now. as for your question about the edge loop around the "alar wing" of the nose (aw man, i'll never remember that. heh), i suppose you can do whatever works best for you... but *i* always just create a circle that goes from under the mouth to across the bridge of the nose.. you should make sure that there are a couple lines tracing that area, getting broader as they go, just so they can have some leverage when it comes to animation.

as for the remaining tri's and 5-sided's, here's a quick method that often works for me. the most obvious place where this could help is the forehead wrinkle area.. but it really works anywhere with enough playing. - start with two tri's.. - just delete that middle edge, and bam! it's a regular poly - sometimes you'll get funky shadows if you just leave it like above.. simple fix is just to move that one point until it goes with the flow more.

some people think this method is not good, but it's always worked good for me, and pretty much everyone i work with does it too. o_o and i know this whole "stick with quads" thing may sound hokey, but with the job i have, we will normally not be able to get a model approved if it isn't completely quads, just for animation and texturing purposes. plus.. it shows skill :)

but great job so far! i can't wait to see what you come up with next.

toto poto
11 November 2004, 05:51 PM
the head looks great ! i agree with the tri-issue, though. i personally like to use much less polys, too, as it is much better controllable and animatable later. better use less polys and work with hypernurbs (or whatever it is called in your programm. another reason to get rid of the tris). the ear looks pretty small in the side view.
anyway: good work :thumbsup:

11 November 2004, 12:19 PM
thx, reading your posts is such a damn good motivation, awesome!!

i followed your advice and (nearly) eliminated all Tris, as one can hopefully see on the new wires
that caused a high increment of quad-polys, which gives one the opportunity of creating good facial expressions but i am not sure if i got the correct balance of getting the best achievment with as few as possible (is that linguistically correct ?!). i also enlarged the ear, you were absolutely right... and the reference proves that :)
here comes a newbie question because i only know (and tried) to animate a face by different morphing targets which seems to become a life-task here with so many polys, especially for lyp sync... what different methods of animation do exist(except morphing/boning), is there an overview somewhere, and what do you prefer !?

another problem is the surface of the smoothed mesh which looks really dented especially between the corner of the mouth and the alar wing of the nose, dont know how to fix that :-/ polybands are to close

maybe your interessted in my first morphing test enjoy :D

thanks again allaei & toto poto

greetings poe

ps.@toto poto grüße aus dem höheren norden in den hohen norden :)

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