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11 November 2004, 02:14 AM
Newbie to XSI, oldie to LW seeking help on 3 things... forgive my referal to LW tools ;)

Okay First problem:
Importing an .obj file of considerable size into XSI and preserving the grouping, materials and uvmap such that it will be possible to re-export to obj at a later date. (Think I'm doing this right but I won't discount that this could be the source of problem 2)

Second Problem:
Exporting an .obj file from the above mentioned, preserving grouping, materials and uvmap.... without crashing/freezing up, producing a 'bad variable' error or a file with no vertexes... preferably resulting in a file that has the same grouping etc as the one imported as all that was done was translation and scaling.

Third Problem:
Polymesh with a subdivision of 2... Forgive the LWism but how do you freeze it such that you preserve the new smoother shape so that you can export it as an obj? (Non LW termonology... render it to tris and quads that approxomate the subdivided mesh)

Normally I wouldn't ask but I've spent two days searching the manual, and every tutorial I can get my hands on and they don't seem to cover how to get an obj back OUT of XSI so that it can be used in another program.

Please help?

11 November 2004, 02:58 AM
Newbie to XSI, oldie to LW seeking help on 3 things... forgive my referal to LW tools ;)

Third Problem:
Polymesh with a subdivision of 2... Forgive the LWism but how do you freeze it such that you preserve the new smoother shape so that you can export it as an obj? (Non LW termonology... render it to tris and quads that approxomate the subdivided mesh)

Please help? I'm sure there's a better way to do this, like the freeze tool in LW, but in XSI (make sure you model has a subD level of 0): select all your polygons (poly mode, ctrl-A), right click on the model and select local subdivision refinement, then select your sub-d level. This gives a result somewhat similar to the LW function, though your object will be all quad. You could then triangulate if you really want to.

As for your conversion problems, have you tried the FBX file format? It's pretty versatile and is well supported for both programs. You can download the respective plugins from (

Good luck

11 November 2004, 03:41 AM
Hey, slow or not the local subdivision works! THANKS!!! ;)

Now for the FBX.... well A couple of weirdnesses... doesn't have a plugin for LW for XP... but that's okay, did the convertor... But the weird thing being that XSI can't seem to import it using the plugin... wondering if it's an XPism or if it's because I'm using Essentials... but downloaded the 4.0 version.... merf....

Hrms.... and is begining to wonder if it's an XPism for the obj problem... my husband just tried it on his version of foundation (on a Win2K machine) and had no problem importing and exporting...... grrrrrrs ... Okay, I officially hate XP ;P

11 November 2004, 04:07 AM
It should not be an XP problem...

I guess I need clarification on what you are trying to do.

You have a LW project... you want to import it to XSI as transparently as possible... then edit in XSI and export it back out of XSI to LW... Yes? What exactly is happening? If LW properly is supporting .obj, then your groups, materials (sort-of) and textures should be carried to XSI... and XSI will export the same info back out using the .obj format. I know 100% that the XSI implementation of .obj works. I use it constantly.

I have no idea what happened to the Win version of the LW/FBX plugin, but I am pretty sure it exists. Converting from a .obj to .fbx should not really help, if LW is not importing/exporting mesh data correctly... as the .fbx will only hold the same info that is in the .obj.

11 November 2004, 04:25 AM
If you're really desperate for quick results, try the demo of deep exploration from Right Hemisphere. It works like a charm, but is of course a time limted demo. Maybe it could work as a stop-gap until you sort out your LW->XSI problems.

11 November 2004, 04:34 AM
Actually it's a bit more complicated than that...
I'm a content developer for a piece of software that only understands .obj files. For the last 2 years I've been creating the needed objs via LightWave, but now that I have something better (yeah XSI!) I'm trying to shift to XSI for my needs (thus the need to know how to render out the actual polys rather than subdivs and keeping grouping intact and consistant so that I can export morphs). If it were a simple LW to XSI transfer, it would be possible to pick another file format an try to transfer through it.... the FXB if it would have worked would have just been a work around to get me to LW which will export to the .obj format.... two more steps but maybe it would have gotten me around whatever is horking......

I'm pretty sure LW is exporting the .objs without problem as I've been using it to do this for years... double checked the objs just to be sure and DeepPaint and DeepUV have no problem reading them. So I'm pretty sure the trouble is either importing or exporting from XSI.

Now I'm managining to Import to XSI without incident (though I don't know how the clusters are going to export back into groups and materials in a .obj.. any info there welcome!!!). XSI works with the obj information with no problem... can use it like any other model.... But when I go to export, XSI locks up. I tried the addon for obj conversion and export from the XSI Knowledgebase and it stopped locking up, but now it's giving a 'Bad Variable' error and producing a .obj file with no vertexes that nothing can read....

Now my first guess if this isn't a known problem is that XP is being a #%&!(@%(#* again... About three weeks ago I couldn't even load XSI due to the SP2... finally got rid of that monstrosity and this happens. My husband says he was able to export a .obj out of XSI Foundation on his 2K machine no problems...... Really would love to know if there is a fix or if I'm doing something wrong... while I hate XP .... flattening my machine to install 2K and reinstalling everything is going to take me the better part of two weeks.... granted, 2K would be the better choice but getting there is the pain.

Dr Dardis
11 November 2004, 06:31 AM
I may have misunderstood, but....

Try this excellent (free) dotXSI exporter for LW. Exports correct UVs, surface clusters and everything... v nice!

Good luck

The Doc.

11 November 2004, 06:19 PM
Took me a bit but got a working link for the dotXSI export. The maker asked that I pass on the new link

Talked with XSI tech support this morning and apparently this is a known bug and they're fixing it in the update (whew... I'm not loosing my mind! YEAH! I'm not a total noob!)

Whew... Thankfully I won't loose all my work to the bug, just have to wait to export it for a couple of weeks. That's perfect for me.

HUGS! Thanks all for the help! The dotXSI is actually going to help emensely for my husband, he actually needed it this morning!


11 November 2004, 06:14 PM
One more little thing that will help when dealing with LW OBJ's in XSI (or any other imported file, for that matter):

When you bring your model in, go to polygon mode (u) select all (ctrl-a) and Alt-RightClick on the model and select "Extract Polygons (Delete)" - This will cause XSI to "recalculate" the mesh (my term for it) and can fix a lot of the weirdness that can happen on an import (those strange dark polygons that seem to have no normals....).

Anyway - good luck with what you're doing :)


11 November 2004, 06:26 PM
Ooo that should help quite a bit. I was actually running into something akin to that when I did manage to get someone to export from the file... the groupings had disappeared ...when importing the .obj, all the groupings and materials had turned into clusters, so when exporting they just sorta disappeared... heard something like extracting the polys might fix it but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Thanks much!

11 November 2004, 01:37 PM
i've also found that sometimes long file names or having underscores in a file name can stop importing of an obj from lightwave to xsi4.0...

somehting's not right with the importer in xsi4.0 on foundation..we just need a de facto way to get stuff into xsi..maybe when we do a faq would help users who run into problems on import/export with xsi.

steve g

12 December 2004, 10:37 PM
I think making up a faq for this would be extremely helpful. I've alot of problems getting my old LW models into XSI because I don't have LW anymore, so the only way I have getting my models into XSI is with Deep Exploration, which is alot of trouble too, sometimes it works, sometimes the import crashes XSI.

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