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11 November 2004, 08:24 PM
is a way to use alphas in a gradient?
like in LW, in the same gradient bar you can set the alpha.

how to use the basic shader to get nice sss? i am still playing with it, but nothing go,
i did some thing, trying to do something that i see in the scarecrow of taron, conect the basic shader final radiance to the radiance of the material.

but, i dont undertands very well the shader node

11 November 2004, 11:56 PM
1.) Each of the "color dots" of the gradient has RGB and Alpha (the 4. slider at the bottom) - just set that to your likeing. In the transparent areas you will see through the gradient (it's opacity is reduced by the alpha setting). It basically is the same as LW. Or did I miss your point?

2.) Honestly I had better results with the normal materials translucency for SSS like effects so far. The basic shader did give me often hard edges and weird artifacts when I used it.

But basically you have to use the "extended" modes so your light "creeps" around the corners. More Xtension Amount more creep, more Xtension Depth -> light goes deeper into the material, Xtension Strenght makes the effect stronger or weaker etc.

Sorry to be of little help here, I also don't understand it fully... :shrug:


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